Some relationship questions young ladies ask

A young lady asked me recently how to snatch a busy guy’s heart and when I asked her what she meant by that, she said she wanted to know how to make a man have time for her.

I looked at her. I felt pity for her. She is just 23-years-old and she’ s already overwhelmed with trying to make a man have time for her. I knew that she was desperate so I told her I would get back to her later.

But this got me thinking. What do parents teach their daughters aside the education they get from school? What do they teach their daughters about crushing on boys, having sexual urges, maintaining a healthy self esteem and relationships?

What are parents doing to their girls these days that they are so focused on capturing an unwilling man’s heart even when it is obvious that the man in question doesn’t want to be captured.

Young ladies, you cannot capture the heart of a man who doesn’t want to be with you. Stop expending energy on fruitless and meaningless relationship ventures. Have some dignity and focus on improving your life, getting good education, learning skills, working to make good money and living a better life.

A young man’s heart is not yours to capture. If he feels the same way about you, then good but if he forms very busy and has not time to communicate with you, find out how you are doing and doesn’t care your life or dreams, leave him alone. Stop being desperate ladies, you are hurting yourself.

A young lady once asked me what she can do to make her boyfriend stay with her for life. I told her that it is impossible to tell if someone can stay with another person for life and not leave them. I told her to stop trying to do the impossible to keep her boyfriend by her side as this can lead to a dependent relationship and make him start to emotionally, psychologically and physically abuse her.

Another young lady asked me how to be the kind of woman a man would never leave. I reminded her that there’s more to her life than trying to get qualities that will make her indispensable to a man who can change at any time.

Another young lady asked if her boyfriend will stay with her if she gets pregnant. I told her no. Having a baby doesn’t keep a man whop doesn’t want to be kept. I told her not to put herself in trouble by bringing a child into this world who would suffer when boyfriend refuses to take responsibility for the baby.

Dear young ladies, focus on bettering your lives. Stop asking questions about how to capture a man’s heart, how to keep a man, how to get a man to marry you, how to make a man leave his wife for you, how to trap a man with sex and how to capture a man’s heart with food.

Young ladies have to stop asking mundane questions and start asking how to make millions, how to make billions, where to go for vacations, how to help the less privileged and how to live a fulfilling life.


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