Ways Nigerian men are being forced into unhappy marriages

Whether we want to accept it or not, some Nigerian men are being forced into marriages. While women are more vocal about being forced into marriages, men find it hard to talk about this important issue.

Some guys are married to women they don’t love because they either want to please their moms or the society. Some of these men are married to women they have no business living together with in the first place.

Nigerian men are being forced into marriages because that is what is expected of them when they get to a certain age. They are not asked if they want to get married or not. They are not asked if they have met the right woman yet. People hound them to marry and start having children like their mates.

Some men are forced into marriages

Mothers start emotionally blackmailing their sons about marriage. They cite some of their mates who are married to beautiful women and blessed with children. They don’t even want to know if their sons are financially capable of starting a family.

Some men marry their wives because the ladies got pregnant and their families force them to marry these women.

Some men are forced into marriage when they marry women their mothers like instead of the women they love and truly want to start life together with.

Some men are forced into marriage by pastors when they see visions that sister so and so is their missing ribs and God ordained wives.

Some men are forced into marriage because they want to do right by the women they have dated for years. These women may have helped build them up financially. Lost their virginity to them or committed abortions for them and they feel the right thing to do is just marry them and not because they truly love these women.

Some men marry women because of social pressure and the fear of confrontation with family and friends. They marry just to please others and not because they love the women they are married to. Afterwards they go back to their exes and start committing adultery because they are not truly happy.

Some Nigerian men are married to other women because the one they love scares them and they cannot control them just many Nigerian men love to do in relationships. They leave women who complement perfectly and go for docile ones, who are subservient and quiet because they want to fit into society’s expectation of being a man who can keep his wife under check.

The situation is sad. Be a man and do what’s best for you. Stop hurting the women you married because you truly didn’t want to marry them. Be bold and stand up for what you truly want when it comes to getting married.



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