Why are women encouraged with stories of bad marriages?

Why is it that when Nigerian women are being encouraged to stay with bad husbands and irresponsible fathers, they are told harrowing stories of women who endured years of abuse?

They are reminded of different women who dressed beds for their husbands and their many side chicks. People think this is normal.

They are told stories of women are now ‘enjoying’ their marriages after suffering emotional, psychological and physical abuse at the hands of men who vowed to love and cherish them for life.

They are told stories of women who welcomed their prodigal husbands back home years after these men disappear with side chicks. This one annoys me.

Why are women encouraged to endure bad marriages

They are encouraged by people to endure like the women who have suffered for their marriages because they will win at the end of the day.

But what they won’t tell these women is that they are wasting their years with chronic cheats, liars, wicked men and heartless fellows.

They won’t tell these women that prayers didn’t bring these men back home. They came back because they know that they have old age nurses waiting for them.

These men come back tired, worn out, drained of strength, money and body fluids with flaccid penises to boot socks that the women they abandoned can nurse them till they die.

Why are women not encouraged by beautiful marriage stories? Why are women not told stories of marriages where men and women are accountable to each other?

Why are women not told marital stories of men who love, respect and cherish their wives till death?

Why are they not encouraged by men and women who have enjoyed blissful marriages?

Why must Nigerian women keep listening to these heartless person’s who want them to suffer over irresponsible and insensitive men?

Why should someone be encouraged to stay with a man who is hurting her, disrespecting her and treating her like crap?

Why should women live for men who don’t care about them because some insensitive people want to continue to endure abuse and manipulation?


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