It takes a brostitute to patronize a prostitute

Dear hypocritical Nigerians, it takes a brostitute to patronize a prostitute. If a man is not a whore, why should he be sexually yoked with a prostitute?

Why should women be shamed by men who benefit from their sexual services? Why should these men who pay to enjoy minutes of sex have the nerve to shame women who gave them good sex services?

Transactional sex is trending and as usual, Nigerian men are using this as an opportunity to slut shame women. This hypocrisy and double standards is irritating.

If there should be shaming after two adults have consenting sex, it should be directed at both parties. I am tired of men throwing jabs at women after enjoying their sexual services .It’s hypocritical.

It takes a brostitute to patronize a prostitute

You call a woman olosho because she sleeps with men for money. Brother, are you not one of her customers? Taaaa, shut up! How do you know who she is if you are minding your business and facing the woman in your life?

That girl is an olosho. How do you know if you haven’t patronized her? Both of you are in the same industry, stop pretending. You and that olosho are just co workers so stop trying to sound morally upright. It doesn’t suit you.

After rushing off to pay money to enjoy the sweetness of a woman’s vagina, you have the nerve to insult her and call her a prostitute, are you not a brostitute too? What are you doing with a prostitute if you are an upright man?

You people should stop sounding foolish and dense. If you patronize prostitutes and engage in transactional sex, you are a male prostitute. There are no two ways about that.

You claim that girls who go to clubs are whores. They won’t make good wives. Bros, what are you doing in clubs, evangelizing? If you are not a man whore, why should you be marking register in different clubs every weekend. Respect yourself and respect yourself colleagues too.

You claim that any woman who likes sex is a whore. Brother, you like sex so much that you pay to enjoy it, what are you? What is your name? Stop it. Stop insulting your colleagues.

If you patronize prostitutes, you are a brostitute, simple. Stop forming holy man. It doesn’t suit you.



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