“My husband was dating and having sex with transgender prostitutes”

It was heartbreaking for a mother of two who discovered her husband who was also a church minister has been dating and having sex with transgender prostitutes all through their marriage. He visited gay websites, sent his naked pictures to these transgender women and spends time chatting and planning how to have sex with them.

According to her, “We’d been married for four years. We had two young daughters. Everything seemed normal. He never stayed out late. He was a police officer, but he was always home on weekends. And we had a robust sex life. He was my best friend. Sometimes we’d stay up all night talking– no TV, just talking.

Then one morning I tried printing something out on our office computer, and it just kept printing out the same page. It was a picture of his naked body, combined with the profile page for a gay website. He said it was nothing. Only porn. Then a few months later I found the same picture in the ‘unsent messages’ folder of our Outlook account. He’d been trying to send it to a transgender woman named Gabby.

Husband was seeing a transgender woman

That’s when I went through his Internet history and found thousands of jpegs of transgender porn. He denied being gay. He said it was nothing but a porn addiction. But then a few weeks later I was reviewing our credit card statement, and saw that he’d gotten tested for HIV. The next day he brought me to church. He sat me down with the pastor. And he confessed that he’d been having sex with transgender prostitutes throughout our marriage.

We didn’t immediately divorce. I tried to make it work for our daughters. He tried going to an addiction treatment center at Johns Hopkins. But I felt like I was married to a stranger. It drove me to the edge. On Super Bowl Sunday of that year, I was sitting in my bed, crying, heavily medicated, when I heard him on the phone downstairs. He was laughing like he didn’t have a care in the world.

That night I checked his phone, and saw that he’d been talking to Gabby. He’d been texting her every day for months. The last one said: ‘My wife is getting suspicious.’ That’s when I kicked him out of the house. I haven’t spoken to him in years. He does call my daughters a couple times per week. I just tell them that things between Mommy and Daddy didn’t work out. He seems to be doing fine. He has a new family now.”

The woman shared this story anonymously on Humans of New York Facebook Page.


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