Nigerian girls no longer cry when you dump them

Nigerian girls no longer cry when you dump them because they have become so stubborn says a young man on social media.

I want to ask, why should ladies be crying and begging men who dumped them? Are these men the oxygen that these ladies need to keep living?

I know it hurts when a man you love dumps you either because he doesn’t see you in his future or because he found another woman he believes he loves and feels at home with.

This guy is surprised girls no longer cry when you dump them

I don’t know why this guy equates ladies not crying when guys dump them with stubbornness. I don’t see it that way. I think some ladies have developed a thick skin to dating and relationships in general.

Sometimes ladies don’t cry when guys dump them because they may be tired of pretending and putting up with the excesses of such guys and the break up serves as a way out for these ladies.

It is often said by some people that Nigerian ladies love money and guys who have money to spoil them. So why do guys expect ladies to continue crying over them especially if the guy in question is not rich?

Girls no longer cry when guys dump them

Beneath this talk of girls being stubborn and not crying when guys dump them these days is an inherent need for Nigerian guys to see who girls fighting over them.

Many guys love to create a love triangle so that girls can fight over them. They ravish the moment when two girls are tearing each other’s clothes, abusing each other and fighting over them.

Well, if Nigerian girls are now so stubborn that they don’t cry when guys dump them, it’s a good thing. Guys should focus on being better men for the women in their lives instead of looking for women who will fight because guys dump them.



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