How Lolo navigates the world of dating as a woman with disability

Lolo is a disability lifestyle influencer and vlogger who runs the YouTube channel “Sitting Pretty.” She created the series to showcase her life as a physically disabled woman in a wheelchair. Her vlogs cover a range of topics from disability fashion tutorials, everyday challenges dealing with society, dating, and her new diagnosis journey.

Despite her physical disability, Lolo just wants to be seen and treated like any other woman in the world. She wishes that men would just talk to her, get to know her, hold intellectual conversations with her, date her and court her.

In a chat with HuffPost, she said that the languages and actions some men use when hitting on her is disgusting. “It’s almost like they like the fact that we can’t move. It’s strange. Very very strange,” she said.

How Lolo navigates the world of dating as a woman with disability

Lolo said: “I wish men would just talk to me as a woman. If you didn’t see the chair, would you have asked for my number? And if you would have, then just ask for my number. Talk to me, date me and court me.  No one has been bold enough to say ‘I don’t wanna fuck with a woman on a wheelchair.’ In real life, the most common way I’ve been approached is simply “oh, you’re so pretty”, and then they walk off”, she said.

Lolo’s personal experience has mainly been through online dating, which is because her personality comes through first before the realization of her disability.

Despite managing her disability situation well, Lolo says that there a lot of low times, especially when she feels frustrated and overwhelmed at the fact that she is not being appreciated.

“If I wasn’t in a wheelchair, this wouldn’t be a problem. I can’t help but to have those thoughts sometimes. And I can’t help but to compare myself in a lot of ways to other women because I am constantly trying to figure out why this is so challenging for me.”

Knowing that there is no point staying in that low point for a long time, Lolo tries to live her life as best as she can.


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