My gold hair made me victim of illegal police arrest

Nigerian model with tribal marks, Adetutu OJ has revealed how her gold tinted hair made her a victim of illegal police arrest today in Lagos.

The model who was arrested alongside four other people didn’t have her identification card on her but she was able to quickly call for help before the incompetent men of the Nigerian police slammed a charge on her.

Adetutu OJ shared her experience about how her gold coloured hair landed her in police trouble today.

How it happened, my experience at Olosan police station.

I had a photoshoot to go at 3pm at ilupeju but the photographer called to tell me makeup artist bailed out on her and that the photo I’m coming for the shoot will not be posted because it’s a project….. Then I said no photoshoot then and because I have a class tomorrow and all my tools are not available…. My PA was absent and I have to go myself to get them.

My friend (a guy) said he will see me off to where I need to get the stuff…. I was on a bike…. We saw the police men with their truck but as far we have no exhibit and we are heading somewhere quickly we didn’t mind.

Then they stopped the bike and tell us to get down and they pushed us into their truck with three other people arrested.

I tried to call my management immediately but the driver: Shuaibu (name written on his badge) snatched my phone and pocketed it.

They used the back entrance when they brought us into the station, a so called akeem started with this one looks like a prostitute, I replied that I’m a model and also have my business.

Model arrested because of her gold hair

He sneered…. Said how can someone with tribal marks even in her brain be a model? That who even dash me company when I said I have my own company.

They locked us up in a room then start questioning us, when it got to my turn…. The Shuaibu said apart from my hair why am I not with my ID, I said I forgot it at home.

I also reminded him that he didn’t show me his ID when he arrested my friend and I. He flared up!!! One of them corked the gun….. Then I kept quiet.

Obviously, it was an illegal arrests. I posted the SOS on Facebook when they locked us in and went outside ….. Also got through my management, the lawyer said it will take time to get there but Rosetta got there earlier and already they sensed danger and called one of the people who did the illegal arrests that there is a particular person that needs to get out immediately because the way they told us to quickly go , I could sense someone was here for me already.

Then I saw Rosetta at the main entrance still asking about her client (me) there …. I cried when I saw Rosetta because I am shooked by the love I get here despite my troubles at times.

The stupid police officers names: Bejide Abiodun
Akeem the one on mufti acting like a fool

I can’t remember the name of the name of the one who corked the gun.

At the end of the day I couldn’t get the materials I wanted to buy due to their delay.

Once again, I say thank you everyone and Edo PettyQueen for flying a bike from your place of work to the station. I already told peace what you did today…. She kept quiet saying nothing…. I’m sure she wants to pile up the questions for me and ask again what happened.

Thanks everyone.



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  1. Ebube says:

    the stupidity exhibited by the Nigerian police is indescribable

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