10 ways to heal from heartbreak

Suffering a heartbreak brings you pain. The pain that comes with the loss of a relationship is better imagined than experienced. That kind of pain weakens you, makes you doubt yourself and robs you of your appetite.

You find it hard to enjoy activities you enjoyed in the past. Distractions become hard to enjoy. Sleep eludes you and you literally feel pain I your heart. The pain of heartbreak hurts you, scares you and sucks your strength but you can’t make it go away.

So you wonder when it will ever stop, or whether you will ever feel better or find love again. It is a known fact that hearts don’t really break, but it can be hard to deal with the end of a relationship. The sting of heartbreak can be hard to soothe but it is possible.

Give yourself time to heal

To soothe the pain you feel from heartbreak, you have to first recognize that you are suffering from an injury. You have to allow yourself time to heal. Get enough rest. And feed yourself well, even if you don’t feel like eating. Food nourishes your body, and your body needs nourishment to repair itself at this time.

Stop beating yourself up

Some people hurting from heartbreak believe that there is something wrong with them for feeling the way they do. You don’t have to feel ashamed of hurting over a lost relationship. Don’t hide or suppress the pain, all you need is a healthy outlet to vent all your hurts and frustration.

Ways to heal from the pain of heartbreak

View it as withdrawal

As a human being, you were created to bond, and form relationships with others. When your attachment bonds get broken, you go into withdrawal mode. Reminding yourself that you are in physical withdrawal will help you make sense of what is happening. Coming to terms with what has happened will help you heal too.

Give yourself time to heal 

Broken hearted people need time and space to put themselves back together again before they go out again to date. Recovery does not work that way. Embrace your sadness. Feel your pain. Acknowledge your losses. Give yourself time and space to heal from this emotional injury. This will strengthen you so that when the time is right you can date again.

Forget your ex for good

Forget your ex for good no matter how much you love him. You can’t be hurting yourself that way. Mind cleansing is hard, but it is essential to your recovery. It’s one thing to stop having contact with your ex, cut the digital cords of social media, and avoid running into him but just because you are not with your ex physically doesn’t change their constant presence in your mind.

Developing a healthy mind control, and stopping yourself from going down the sloppy lane of daydreams, and rehashing what your relationship was like will set you free quicker.

Don’t panic about your healing process

Don’t get worried when you are overwhelmed with pain, and falling apart after a breakup. When you can’t stop thinking about your ex and can’t get over him as speedily as you want, you can be tricked into believing that there is something wrong with you. Nothing is wrong with you. Embrace the recovery process, give yourself time to heal, and have faith in the process. You will be on the other side soon.

Don’t stay stuck after you have healed

When you eventually start feeling better after a heart break; don’t get too comfortable in your recovery position. Stop feeling sorry for yourself. Ask yourself some honest questions that can help you move on. Are you afraid of repeating old patterns? Are you ready to make some changes in how you approach dating and relationships? Use this time to assess your real hopes and desires about a relationship.

Let go and move on

When you have healed completely, let go of your past and move on with optimism. You are ready to move toward a new relationship, but chances are good that you won’t encounter the right person immediately. Take advantage of the opportunity to meet new people. Learn something new. Don’t make snap decisions and don’t jump into a new relationship just because it feels different.

Slow and easy is the way to move forward

When you start dating again, you might suffer some anxiety and discomfort. You might become guarded meeting a new date and have the fear getting hurt again. Just know that slow and easy is the way to move forward. You might inform new potential dates that you are coming out from a heart break so that they can patient with you. Remember that heartbreaks can sometimes lead to growth. Take your healthy heart out into the world and find yourself a new and healthy relationship. You have to believe that you deserve a partner who will love you and share his life with you willingly.



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