Dear wife, no single lady owes you loyalty

Dear Nigerian wife, no single lady owes you loyalty. If your husband refused to be loyal to you and refuses to respect your marriage vows, what gives you the right to demand loyalty from an outsider?

When I hear some women talk about how single ladies and side chics should have said no to their community penis husbands advances, I laugh at their ignorance and veiled helplessness.

Your husband whom you are married to decides to commit adultery and you absolve him of blame and face the outsider he went after like a dog on heat? Are you women for real?

Dear wife no single lady owes you loyalty

Let me say it again, no single lady owes you loyalty and respect. If your husband doesn’t respect you, demand it from him and stop chasing shadows. I don’t know what is wrong with you people.

Any woman that goes to fight a side chic should be ready to receive whatever the side chic unleashes on her. Some girls just don’t care about your life or your children’s lives because they have nothing to lose but you have so many things at stake.

Someone said that ladies fucking married men without a gun pointed at their brains is disrespect to the sanctity of marriage, and I laughed so hard.

Did the married man have amnesia or what? Or if a man catches his wife with another man, does he face the side cock? No. He will unleash all his anger and the pain of betrayal on his wife because he believes she should be faithful and loyal to him.

I say it again, no side chic owes any married woman loyalty or respect. If a married man refuses to respect his wife by keeping his dick in his pants, his wife shouldn’t expect respect and loyalty from an outsider.

Women should stop fighting other women over their philandering husbands. It’s not worth it. As you discover your husband’s latest catch, just remember that no side chic owes you loyalty. That’s your husband’s job.

These men just keep playing with their wives’ feelings and lives by jumping from one babe to another and these women keep fighting over them? It’s appalling. Women, borrow yourselves brain.


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