Memo to married Nigerian women

Dear married Nigerian women, I hope this message meets you well. By now, you should know that side chics are not your problem. Your philandering husbands are your problem. They are also your enemies. Many of you are having sex and producing children with your enemies.

Deep down you know that you are lying next to your enemy almost every night but you are powerless. You only have energy to call, text, threaten, fight and curse side chics. What about your disrespectful husbands?

What are you married Nigerian women doing to your community penis husbands so that they will stop disgracing you everywhere they go like MTN. What have you done to that man who keeps changing babes faster than his boxers? How are you holding him accountable to your marriage vows?

Memo to married Nigerian women

Some of you don’t know what your husbands tell these ladies outside. Some of your husbands claim they are not married. Others claim they are divorced and the most heartless ones among them kill you because they want to shag external vagina. They tell girls that you are dead.

I know a man who claimed his wife died of cancer because he wanted a lady to have sex with him. He continued with this lie for months until this babe ran into him and his wife plus their children in a supermarket. Shame didn’t allow husband man talk to the babe anymore.

Another married man was so lost in the sweetness of a beautiful young lady’s vagina that he forged the death certificate of his wife of over 5 years who was alive and well. He was planning to relocate abroad with his side chic when his wife stumbled on the documents.

The most annoying part of this whole story is that the woman came to one facebook group like that to ask what she should do. I was miffed. I mean, how can you be asking strangers what to do after finding out that the man you call your husband not only wished you death but also forged your death certificate so that he can elope with his mistress?

The events of the last week got me thinking. Married Nigerian women should leave side chics alone and face their hegoat husbands. If your husband doesn’t respect you and your marriage vows, how do you expect an outsider to respect you and be loyal to you by saying no to your husband’s incessant advances?

You people should stop calling, threatening and fighting side chics. Some of these ladies think you are sick, dead or not in the picture. Stop fighting for a community penis who doesn’t care about you.

Dear married Nigerian women, your philandering husbands are your problem not side chics. Tackle your problem from the root and stop fighting strangers who didn’t make marriage vows with you.

Enjoy your weekend.


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