I am not 65 years old says Nora Tesa Pott

But in a surprise twist, Nora didn’t find it funny because people got it all wrong. Nora Tesa Pott has come out to refute the claims about her age.

Refuting the claim on her age, Nora says she’s 45 and also shared some of her beauty secrets so that women can learn to take better care of themselves.

Nora Tesa Pott is not 65 years old

Here is Nora’s inspiring note:

What I have learned in life is a lie travels faster and longer then the truth. I am not 65yrs old, I am not 49 years old. I’m 46 because I skipped 45 (Can’t be 45 with ya’ll president).

It’s amazing the different captions on these photos of me. It’s entertaining but here’s the truth.

I brag different. I do not bleach my skin as I have read. I am not vegan, I do not exercise, I have not had surgery of any kind on my body. My hair started graying at an early age, I stopped dying it almost 2 years now. And yes I do have funny ear lobs but how else would God keep me humble. I am not perfect! and I did not post the original picture that went viral. I’ve read as well I’m seeking attention with the age differences. But now that I have your attention. GET TO KNOW GOD!!!

It is when I came to know God that He made me beautiful in His image. If you think looking on a person’s outer appearance is what makes them beautiful, there’s a lot of learning you have yet to do.

I am blessed because I underwent facial paralysis due to being in a domestic violence situation. But God Kept Me. Helped me maintain. I am blessed because on such a low budget I found joy in thrift shopping. I can’t pretend to be someone I’m not. I’m a child of God and because of that, I am all that God said I am.


I am glad Nora Tesa Pott cleared the air about herself and her age.


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  1. Ebube says:

    I like that she’s honest

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