10 signs you are dating a controlling man

It is not a good thing for a woman to be in a controlling relationship. Women easily overlook controlling behaviour in relationships citing love as the reason. They ignore some red flags alerting them that something isn’t right in their relationships.

It is often very hard for a woman in love to see that her man’s behavior reveals he’s controlling, self-centered and not caring. Jealousy and possessiveness are characteristics of a controlling man who will likely become abusive as things unfold.

If the listed signs are common in your relationship, run as fast as your legs can carry you. You have to leave that man.

He isolates you from family and friends

One of the classic signs of a controlling man is when he takes all of your time and attention and isolates you from your family and friends. Loving someone means you want to spend time together as much as you can, but your man should never make you feel guilty about spending time with your loved ones. This behavior also means that he wants to keep you from people who recognize his behavior for what it truly is.

He has to know your whereabouts at all times

One of the early signs of a controlling man is demanding to know where you are all day, who you are with and what you are doing. When your man checks on you during the day because he misses you is sweet but a man who has issues insecurity and trust issues is bad news. As a grown woman, you should know that a man shouldn’t keep constant tabs on you.

signs you are dating a controlling man

He undermines your opinions and suggestions

If you express your opinions on things and events to your man and he dismisses them like you don’t have sense, you are with a man who loves to be in control at all costs. This is the way he makes you feel like you are nothing without him and when you leave him, you will be worse off. Dear woman, it is important that you don’t let this happen. You have the right to end that abusive relationship.

He makes decisions for you without asking

This is one of controlling relationship red flags. Your parents did this for you when you were not old enough or able to decide things for yourself; it is not what your boyfriend or husband should be doing. You are an adult and no man should feel the need to make decisions for you without your input. He shouldn’t be doing things in your place without your knowledge.

He checks your phone and monitors your social media accounts

You are definitely dating a controlling man if he regularly checks all of your forms of communication because he doesn’t trust you. He’s insecure but he somehow tries to blame you for his insecurities. He claims you are a flirt and he’s keeping you in check by always going through your text messages, and monitoring your social media accounts. Underneath his behaviour is the fear that someone else will catch your attention and you will leave him.

He always has negative opinions about your appearance

It is okay to look your best for your man but when he always has a negative opinion about your appearance and strongly suggests that you change things; it’s time to reevaluate your relationship. He may pretend he wants you to look good but his negative behaviour may suggest that you are not capable of making decisions regarding your appearance.

signs you are dating a controlling man

He doesn’t support anything that keeps you busy

A man who loves you should be your biggest cheerleader as you strive to achieve your goals and dreams. A controlling man won’t be your cheerleader because he will see your progress as a threat to his manhood and authority. Since he wants to control every aspect of your life, he won’t support anything you do that takes time away from him and your relationship. Love is not allowing another human being keep you stuck in one place.

He’s jealous of male presence and attention in your life

When your boyfriend is livid about your male friends or when you receive any type of male attention, you need to reassess your relationship. This is a red flag and be aware that this type of behavior will only get worse. You should not feel obligated to cut off platonic male relationships or even male family members for your boyfriend.

He gets angry when you don’t do things his way

Why do guys love to be in control in a relationship? Why do these men completely lose it when things don’t go their way? Ladies who are in relationships with men who want things to always go their way need to be on high alert. They should also know that they are likely dealing with men with anger issues.

He reminds you that you owe him

When you do something for someone you love, you don’t throw it back in the person’s face to make yourself feel better. You don’t tell them to pay you back whenever there is a fight. This is what a controlling man does to the woman he claims to love. He doesn’t miss a chance to remind you that you owe him for all of the things he has done for you. You don’t need to be in such a draining relationship.

Woman, you have to know how to get out of a controlling relationship because you can’t win with such a man. It is better you stay away from him and look elsewhere for love. Love is not control.


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