No man is too poor to give gifts to his woman

Giving gifts is a show love, affection and appreciation. Men, give gifts to your woman this love season. Also, make it a habit not to visit people empty handed. Go to visit people with something, no matter how little. Learn to give gifts to friends and strangers alike. If you can afford expensive gifts, good but if you can’t show love within your own financial capacity.

You must not break a bank to give others gifts. It is the heart and thought behind the gift that really counts. A bottle of wine (alcoholic or non-alcoholic), jewelries, CD plate which could be a selection of the person’s favorite songs, perfumes and wristwatches are good gift ideas.

Other gift ideas are ankara materials, towels, picture or wall frames, food packs, fruits, cakes, cookies, books, foot mat, and rendering a helping hand without asking for anything in return. These are all forms of giving gifts to someone you love and care for.

No man is too poor to give his woman gifts

What you give may be little or insignificant to you, but to the receiver it may the best gift ever. Total monetary value may not be much but it could be one of the most thoughtful gifts the receiver may have ever received. Giving is one of the ways to show love to those you care about. Give gifts to those who can or cannot afford it. Be nice to everyone even if you cannot afford to give them material things.

There are many ways to show love even to people you have never met before. Visit the sick in hospitals; settle a random person’s hospital bill. Walk into any school to pay an indigent student’s school fees. Feed the hungry, pay for a struggling couple’s accommodation, and visit orphanages to donate cash or food items.

Give cheerfully, not because you want to impress others, but give because you really care. If you can afford big gifts by all means, do that also. Love is giving. Without giving, love is just a mere word. No man is too poor to give his woman things. Men should make efforts first instead of waiting for when they make it big financially.

It’s the season of love, show love to your staff, gate man, driver, house keeper, children, spouse, brothers, sisters, neighbors. Treat them with dignity and respect, that’s how to show love as well. The world needs more lovers who match their words with actions. Don’t stop showing love for no man is too poor when it comes to giving.


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