What happens when your sugar daddy goes broke?

What do you do when your sugar daddy becomes broke? Someone asked this question on Twitter recently and the responses were straightforward and downright hilarious. A lady said that she didn’t come to this world to suffer for a married man who is enjoying the dividends of family life. She went ahead to say that any sugar daddy that becomes broke automatically becomes past tense for her.

I remembered how many married women on social media were breathing fire during the Ngozi and Nkiru husband snatching drama that later landed Ngozi in a jail in Owerri for assaulting Nkiru in her home. These married women were busy blaming ladies who said yes to their husband’s wandering eyes and penis.

Their husbands are busy spending money on different side chicks and they are busy talking about going to fight these ladies without facing the men who stepped out on them and broke their marriage vows. These men can go to any length to do anything for their side chicks but their wives are busy chasing shadows.


What happens when your sugar daddy goes broke


What happens if he becomes broke? Who will suffer for his indiscretions and irresponsibility? These ladies don’t care about these men who are emptying their accounts for their sake. They only care about the money and enjoyment. They don’t want to be the ones dealing with these men when they no longer have money.

Back to the question, how did you manage when your sugar daddy goes broke? These responses will make you think about life, marriage and the commitment of women to men who are cheating on them.

Chef Obubu said: This is where you step back and allow his wife and family stand by him.

Mubarak said: Lol. He ceases to be a sugar daddy the moment he goes broke. He is a bros now.

Adannaya Chikito said: There’s only one person that promised for better for worse to him.

So basically what these people are saying is it when a sugar daddy becomes broke, he has lost his sugar daddy status and his wife can take up the task of supporting him financially until he gets back on his feet again. It is a pity that these men don’t learn from the people who have gone ahead.

After jumping up and down with side chicks and spending money, these men will shamelessly return home broke to their wives and families. Nonsense. Married women should borrow sense and have their own money to avoid stories that touch.


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