Dear Nigerians, have we learnt nothing from our past?

Dear Nigerians, have we learnt nothing from our past? Have we forgotten so soon how violence and ethnicity almost destroyed this country? Are we still promoting tribalism and ethnic superiority? Do we have any other country except this one?

If we continue to fan the embers of ethnicity, tribalism and hate, what will our children inherit? If we continue to beat the drums of war because of politics and political affiliations, what future do our children have?

The sad occurrences that took place in some parts of Lagos State during the elections is heartbreaking to say the least but we shouldn’t use this opportunity to promote hate and ethnic violence. This country won’t survive another war.

Dear Nigerians, promote peace not war

Remember Rwanda. Remember the Hutus and Tutsis. This was how it started. They started with hate speeches and ethnic division. They started with one tribe calling the other immigrants and cockroaches.

What happened? One million people were slaughtered like animals in days. Families and generations were wiped out. The nation flowed with fear, blood, tears and regrets. It is a miracle that Rwanda is still standing today.

This is not what we want for Nigeria. Fellow Nigerians, let’s be careful about what we post and the information we share on social media. Let’s not allow our heartless and thieving politicians turn us against one another. We are the ones who will suffer for it. Let’s be wiser than these vipers are.

It is sad that we have refused to learn from our past as Nigerians. It’s like we have forgotten the pains and tears of our past so soon.

It is sad that after reading the gory and heartwrenching stories of Rwandans who survived the war, we are still promoting hate and ethnic cleansing because of politicians and election.

Nigerians, wake up! These politicians you are supporting and killing each other for don’t care about you and your children. Their children are abroad and some of you don’t even have functional international passports to escape this country with if shit hits the roof.

Let’s not start what we cannot finish. Violence benefits no one. Let’s stop fanning the flames of ethnicity and ethnic cleansing. Let’s stop drumming for war. It won’t benefit us.

We are all brothers and sisters despite our tribes. Nigeria belongs to all of us. Let us promote peace and unity, and not war. Fellow Nigerians, let love and peace lead us aright.


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