Families, relationships and friendships have suffered during this election

Dabota Lawson recently started that families, relationships and friendships have suffered during this election period in Nigeria.

According to her:

“This election has been a really sensitive one for me. Behind all you see on social media a lot of families, relationship and friendships have suffered during this period.

Everybody trying to force their opinion down your throat. A lot of people including myself have compromised our wants and desire just to please the people we love.

Dabota Lawson

Aggressive text messages, forced group chats and broadcasts. It’s been daunting. One cannot openly air their views because at the end of the day is it worth to loose family, lover and friends over people who don’t know you by your first or last name?

Some of us are quiet doesn’t mean we are not moving, stop bullying people too. Somethings are deeper than social media show off. It’s sickening. Praying for a positive outcome all together.”

I agree with Dabota Lawson. Some people can’t really come out to say what they really feel about how the elections have fanned the flames of tribalism and ethnic bigotry in Nigeria.

According to Dabota Lawson, people shouldn’t lose friends, family members and relationships for politicians who don’t care about Nigerians but are after money. I agree with her. No politician is worth anyone’s loved one. They are not worth it.

Dabota Lawson also raised an important issue about people using tribal sentiments and political affiliations to heat up the polity. I agree that it’s sickening that Nigerians are not thinking straight right now.

These people are not thinking about the implications of what they are typing and sharing on facebook, twitter, instagram and whatsapp. It’s sad that some Nigerians think they will escape the outcome of their ethnic bigotry when shit hits the roof.

Let us all adopt love and peace like Dabota Lawson and pray that whatever the outcome of this presidential election, Nigeria will remain peaceful and united. That is all we should seek as Nigerians.


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