The worst kind of men women should avoid

The worst kind of men are those who keep hurting you and expect you to continue to tolerating their excesses.

They keep buying you gifts and doing nice deeds to endear you back to them but they won’t acknowledge they are hurting you.

They will keep telling you that no human being is perfect and you should stop seeking perfection instead of changing their behavior.

They will confuse you with tears, pamper you with money, spoil you with gifts but will go back to treating you like trash later.

These men don’t know how to love. They stylishly refuse to acknowledge how much they are hurting others. They don’t change too.

You cannot reason with such men because they will use what you say during heart to heart talks against you. They will turn the tables against you faster than lightening.

These men love to play victims. If you see them crying after committing atrocities against others, you will start crying with them.

From such men, stay away ladies. You cannot win with them because they are masters of the game of lies, deceit and manipulations.

The worst kind of men women should avoid in life

I know someone like this. He can lie for Africa. He will lie and you will believe him. He’s an actor. He can win an Oscar with his lies and games. He’s the worst kind.

He would lie and deceive his wife and she would innocently believe him because she wants her marriage to work. For years, this man has been lying to this woman about how much he loves her but he has another wife and children in another state.

When I say he’s the worst kind, I am not joking. When this woman found out about his lies, he turned everything against her. He accused her of cheating on him.

He told her that he’s the best man for her and she should stop looking for a perfect man. He refused to acknowledge how he has been hurting her for years. He told her to leave if she’s not comfortable with being his wife anymore.

Poor woman is confused. She doesn’t know what to do. She is angry, lost, confused and bitter. She is tired of all his lies but he keeps confusing her with gifts and money.

He made her dependent on him so that she won’t be able to leave his sorry ass. He sleeps with different women on facebook without protection and expects her to continue looking the other way. He’s the worst kind, aswear.

I have told madam to do whatever she wants to do but she should bear in mind that STDs and HIV are no respecter of persons. I opened her eyes to the fact that he’s emotionally and psychologically abusing her.

I hope she summons the courage to dump that lying bastard before he completely destroys her life. Nonsense and I am not the worst man on earth. See the silly excuse for his irresponsibility sef.


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