Why do women befriend their husband’s side chics?

Why do some married women befriend their husband’s side chics? I need someone to explain this to me because my brain cannot grasp it.

Why do many Nigerian women advise other women with cheating husbands to befriend their husband’s side chics? How do they do it?

How do you befriend someone who is eating your banana and dangling it in your face?

What will you girls be talking about sef, his favourite sex position or how he moans and jerks while cumming?

Some women claim they find out what their horsebands are planning to do with these chics through such relationships and scatter it.

How many of his side dishes will you befriend before you die of high blood pressure?

If the tables were turned, would a horseband befriend his wife’s side cock just to get info?

I don’t understand these women. I need someone to explain this to me because it’s a crazy thing to do. What kind of friendship will a woman enjoy with her husband’s lover?

The way these women are commanding side chics to die without holding their community penis horsebands accountable for cheating on them is appalling.

Why do married women befriend their husband’s side chics

I just read somewhere where a lady was praying for the lives of side chics to be cut short and one hundred and forty people liked her comment. Over thirty of them echoed amen. Geez.

Another woman’s prayer was that anytime her husband is with any woman, his penis should remain flaccid. And her fellow crazy people said amen.

And anyone who held a contrary opinion is mobbed and called a side chic. The kind of prayers those women are praying, even God will be amazed at their stupidity.

What about the married man who cheats on his wife, what happens to him? If one side chic dies, won’t he move to another? What is being done to hold him accountable to his vows? Nothing.

Nigerian women, e no go better for the person wey do una this thing. The things I read from you women all the time hurt my eyes. My brain cannot comprehend it.


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