How this wife handled her husband’s childish behaviour is funny

This story about how a Nigerian wife handled her husband’s childish behaviour will leave you in stitches.

It is funny because she didn’t have to cry, beg, threaten, shout or make noise about his childish behavior. She showed him who’s boss through her actions.

I read this story and it left me in stitches. I laughed because I know some people will start claiming she is not a virtuous woman but I don’t care.

The Nigerian version of a virtuous woman is a scam. It teaches women how to be doormats to immature, wicked, heartless, childish and irresponsible men.

Enjoy this story. I laughed reading it.

“I grew up with a mother who made sure your meal was eaten up the moment you reject it and locked my macho brothers outside when they returned home late.

One of them have slept on the verandah during a night storm. My dad never rejected food because my mom would quietly eat it.

How a wife handled her husband’s childish behaviour

Today, my brothers respect her more than anything. We all know not to try nonsense with our Margaret Thatcher.

Now I’m with a man who would storm out of the house whenever he was unhappy with me.

He knew I was afraid of staying in the house all alone so he would get upset and walk out in the middle of the night for very minor things. He had done that twice and I’d begged.

This was the third and I realized he was pushing to see how much he could get away with and that I was encouraging a very childish habit.

One night, something happened so he hissed, picked his car keys and walked out to punish me but he forgot his phones inside.

I screamed after him “honey should I lock the door?” he was surprised because normally, I would beg him not to leave. He said “do what you want.” I said “good” and locked all the doors.

He walked around the street and came back to knock, I faked sleep and that was how he slept in his car that night.

Around 5 a.m, he was banging furiously on the door. I opened for him after my good night rest.

He was shivering from the cold and he stared at me. He said I was heartless. I agreed but trust me, I never had anyone threaten me with leaving the house again.

I’ve come to realize that talking easily become empty nagging. Wisdom is knowing when to let things go, when to talk and when to quietly act.”

Wisdom is knowing when to let things go, when to talk and when to act like a boss, lol.


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5 Responses

  1. Ego Maxwell says:

    Serves him right. Silly childish attitude.

  2. Kokoma says:

    If only women had sense like this woman here.
    Nonsense and Enablers.

  3. Olufunmi says:

    My type of woman, used to plead with my hubby for peace, will cry and beg sometimes I will even fight just for him to see reasons why things shouldn’t be the way they are but now, I just keep quiet and take my decision. He doesn’t know what is in my mind and he is behaving himself.

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