20 social rules women should live by

There are social rules women should live by. These rules are important as they go through life because it shows true test of character.

Some social rules may help you to look professional:

1. Don’t call someone more than twice continuously. If they don’t pick up your call that means they have something more important to attend to. Send them a text message instead and they will get back to you.

2. Return money that you have borrowed even before the other person remembers lending it to you. It shows your integrity and character. Same goes with umbrellas, pens and household items.

3. Don’t order the expensive dish on the menu when someone is treating you for lunch/dinner. If possible ask them to order their choice of food for you. Follow this social rules to avoid stories that touch.

4. Don’t ask awkward questions like ‘Oh so you aren’t married yet?’ Or ‘Don’t you have kids’ or ‘Why didn’t you buy a house?’ For god’s sake it isn’t your problem. Be a sane person.

5. Always open the door for the person coming behind you. Doesn’t matter if it is a guy or a girl. You don’t grow small by treating someone well in public. This is a social rule that children should learn.

6. If you take a taxi with a friend, and he/she pays now, you pay next time. This is an ideal thing to do.

7. Respect different political opinions. You must not resort to insults, name calling and threats because someone shares a different political ideology from you.

8. Don’t interrupt people when they are talking. Allow them finish and state your own point. This is a social etiquette you must observe.

9. If you tease someone, and they don’t seem to enjoy it, stop it and never do it again.

10. Say “thank you” when someone is helping you or has helped you. Don’t feel entitled to other people’s help. It’s a privilege not a right.

11. Praise publicly. Criticize privately. You don’t have to say everything you notice about someone in public without thinking.

12. There’s almost never a reason to comment on someone’s weight. Just say, “You look fantastic.” If they want to talk about losing weight, they will.

13. When someone shows you a photo on their phone, don’t swipe left or right. You never know what’s next. Be respectful. Have some social etiquette.

14. If a colleague tells you they have a doctors appointment, don’t ask what it’s for, just say hope you’re ok. If they want to talk about it they will and you don’t put them in the uncomfortable position of having to tell you their personal illness.

15. Treat the cleaner with the same respect as the CEO. Nobody is impressed at how rudely you can treat someone below you but people will notice if you treat them with respect.

16. If a person is speaking directly to you, staring at your phone is rude. Listen to the person and be mindfully present.

17. Don’t offer anyone advice until you are asked for it.

18. When meeting someone after a long time, unless they want to talk about it, don’t ask them their age and salary.

19. Mind your own business unless anything involves you directly — just stay out of it.

20. Take off your sunglasses if you are talking to anyone in the street. It is a sign of respect and more eye contact is as important as your speech.


I am a woman who is passionate about empowering other women to live their best lives and be free from unhealthy societal expectations. I'm a journalist and a columnist with a reputable media house. I educate, inspire and encourage women to embrace their uniqueness fully. I am a mother to an intelligent girl. I love perfumes.

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