From my experience, losing weight is not easy

From my experience, losing weight is not easy. Since I decided to do something about my weight last year, I have gone through some ups and downs.

There are days that I feel completely in charge of my feelings and body and there are days that I don’t feel motivated to do anything.

Sometimes, I envy women who don’t have to skip rope 1,500 times everyday plus do other body exercises that target both the upper and lower body five times a week.

Last week was a struggle for me. I struggled to leave my bed by to get ready for the gym. I struggled to walk to the gym like I do everyday. I struggled at the gym too.

Losing weight is not easy

Exercises that were easy for me became hard. I couldn’t place my hands on what was wrong. I kept eating the wrong foods and drinking soda which I knew was bad for my body.

I kept telling myself that I wasn’t losing enough weight like I was supposed to and it somehow messed with my emotions and self confidence.

It has been a stressful week for me too but I am determined to continue with my fitness lifestyle. I know I can achieve anything in life no matter the challenges I face.

Let me just you people what happened to me last night. I told myself that I would eat clean no matter what. So I prepared ponmo, smoked fish and green vegetables with tomatoes and onions. It was delicious.

I ate this supposed dinner by 7pm. By 9pm, I was already seeing my ancestors because of hunger. It was as if someone unlocked my stomach. I kept fighting the urge not to go and boil rice because I have this bad ass smoked fish palm oil stew in my freezer.

Losing weight is not easy

But I decided to go to bed early to avoid falling into that temptation. Good decision right? But my village people Won’t Leave me alone.

By, hunger woke me up. I couldn’t sleep anymore. I ran to the kitchen and made my lemon and ginger tea. I felt good for a while. I did some exercises too.

After taking that tea, I became more hungry. Let’s just say I have eaten twice this morning and it’s not even yet. Nobody should say anything o. I cannot come and wound myself.

Losing weight is not easy. It’s not for the faint hearted. You need discipline, consistency and determination to enjoy the benefits of losing weight. Even if you fall like me, pick yourself up and start all over again.

Next week is going to be different because I am beginning intermittent fasting to rid my body of all the junk I have swallowed for the past two weeks. I know I can do it. So help me God.


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