Feminists are ruining marriages

You say feminists are ruining marriages and destroying families yet it wasn’t a feminist who slapped your wife the other day. It was you.

Igbowaiiii…Na nti ya..you also added a few kicks and punches to the mix for full measure so she never forgets who is boss.

I am sure a feminist entered your body like a demon and made you do all that. Anuofia feminists ndi osochi egbu.

With your own hands you beat up your wife. She sustained bruises and injuries which you wanted her to conceal. Kaiiii that feminist who operated you like voodoo to do that must be powerful.

Was it a feminist’s unseen hands that makes you slide into the inbox of women to toast them whilst knowing fully well that you are a married man?

You send your nude photos and videos to single girls begging them to sleep with you. Are feminists also responsible for doing that?

Was it a feminist who told you to have a side chic? Perhaps it was a feminist who put a gun to your head and told you have sex with a woman who is not your wife.

Even after your wife caught you cheating the first time, I remember it was the feminist who asked you to cheat again and again shebi?

Abusive men claim feminists are destroying families

Your wife is hypertensive and depressed from the torture of watching you gallivant from one strange woman to the other and from the beatings you give her if she challenges you. She is dying slowly and you are her killer but it is the feminist’s fault.

It was also a feminist who injected chlamydia into your wife. It was not you I know.

The feminist also used a magic wand to infect you with the gonorrhoea and she used a syringe to obtain the organisms from you and infected your wife with it too. Chai, wicked feminists.

Shebi it was a feminist who told you to sit on your arse and refuse to go look for a job to provide for your family.

A feminist told you it was okay for your to sit at home and depend on your wife for daily bread even when you are a healthy able bodied man who can go out there and hustle.

Mbaaaa, a feminist tied you to a chair, bound you hands and feet and rendered you immobile like a log of wood.

You buy the latest phone for your side chic, yet your wife’s phone was last changed 10 yrs ago. You pay rent for your side chic, yet you told your wife you have no money for your children’s school fees.

You are planning to buy a car for your side chic, yet you live in a rented accomodation with your family. Feminists harvested your brain and stored it in their coven okwia.

When your wife discovers all these and goes on rampage now, it will be the fault of feminists still. Ok I hear you!

Was it feminists that told your husband to cheat on you and infect you with STD or was feminists the ones who forced your husband at gun point to throw you and your kids out of the house.

All those horrible things your husband says to you that breaks your heart, was it a feminist who whispered it into his ears and told him to tell you those heartbreaking things?

Your husband beat you blue black the other day because a feminist told you to leave to live, she is now the one destroying your marriage.

What about the one who nearly disfigured you with beatings? He is innocent shebi? He loves you so much yet he wants to kill you with his bare hands yet feminists are the ones destroying families.

So because feminists advice men and women not to accept life threatening situations in marriages they are now destroying marriages and families?

Because feminists advice men and women to refuse to be treated less than they deserve and not to endure life threatening abuse, they are now home breakers?

YOU who is inflicting the abuse on your spouse nko? You are saint abuser okwaya with the abusive halo around your irrational but innocent head, you are spotless and blameless.

But feminists who tell your victim to refuse the abuse you dish out is the culprit, the ekwensu in your marriage who won’t let you continue to unleash your abuse in peace.

Can you see how ridiculous you sound? You who inflicts life threatening abuse on your spouse…you who refuses to honour your marital vows to love and to cherish, forsaking all others…you who refuses to be faithful to the one you vowed to be faithful to…you who beats the one you are meant to protect, what about you?

What about you who endangers the life of the one you pledged to defend from danger…you who inflict relentless emotional pain on the one you are meant to give joy…you who refuses to support and add value to your spouse…you who is milking your spouse of everything good in them like a blood sucking demon, are you not breaking your family?

YOU AND YOUR ILK ARE THE ONES DESTROYING MARRIAGES AND DESECRATING FAMILIES. Stop the abuse and marriages and families will be saved.

As long as the abuse continues inexorably, we will continue to advice your abused spouse to flee from any marital situation that endangers their lives, So help us God because life is more precious than marriage.

Written by Ada Ujaligwa


Woman. Journalist. Writer. Blogger. Non Conformist. Rebel. Daring. Creative. Amazing. Unstoppable.

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