Running after rich people won’t make you successful

Running after rich people won’t make you rich and successful in life. If you keep inserting yourself into the world of the rich without doing something about making your own money, you are wasting your time.

It is funny that some people think that running after rich people will make them successful. They don’t know that doing that makes them lose their originality.

They chase after these people thinking that being in their company without working hard will make money fall on them.

If you spend all your days with rich people without doing something with your talent and skill that will bring you money, you are on a long thing.

I shake my head when I see women running up and down with rich, successful women without focusing on building their own dreams and improving their own lives.

Running after rich people won’t make you successful Genevieve Nnaji

I am not saying you shouldn’t hang out with rich people. You should do that since you want to get to their level but know yourself. Don’t get carried away.

Go close to rich people to learn from them how they became rich and successful the legitimate way. Don’t waste your life following them everywhere as if money falls from the sky.

Some people spend all their time in church shouting themselves hoarse with “I receive it” without hard work and dedication to what they do.

No one can be successful on your behalf. No one can make money on your behalf. No one will be happy giving you money too when you are not ready to work for your own money.

So, do your own thing. Focus on being the best in everything you do. Let excellence speak for you. Be dedicated. Follow your passion. Do the things you are good at.

Face your challenges. Learn strategies that will help you overcome them. Make friends who will push you to be better. Learn from their mistakes and improve yourself.

Learn from successful people around you but don’t be a leech. Ask them how they started, how they overcame challenges and let them give you tips that will help you.

Don’t run after people because you think your future is in their hands. You will be disappointed.

Stay true to yourself. The right people will come into your life and stay. They will help you get to the top without compromise.


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