Beware of wolves in sheep’s clothing

Beware of wolves in sheep’s clothing as you go through life and build relationships with others people. Be careful of the company you keep.

Some people worm their way into your life not because they love you but because they want to know things that they can use against you in future.

I call them wolves. They are the ones who will be smiling and laughing with you while envy is eating up their hearts and intestines.

These wolves are the ones who will go behind to befriend people who dislike you, cheer them on and even join in calling you names.

Their ambition is to bring you down. They are so focused on your life that you have become a god to them. But their aim is to destroy you and everything you stand for.

Beware of wolves in sheep’s clothing

These wolves are just bidding their time and you think they are your friends. They just want to win your trust so they can ruin your life.

Pay attention to people you allow into your life. Just because they appear good doesn’t mean their intentions are good.

These people are masters of pretence. They know how to cover their tracks. Watch what you say especially to those who want to know everything about you.

They can’t wait to use all the info they get against you. Just fight with them and the world will hear your life story both true and false.

You will be surprised what you will hear about yourself when you fall out with them. They will cook up terrible things about you.

These wolves have no qualms destroying your reputation because they are no longer getting things from you.

I don’t know how they manage to put up with people they dislike for years and mask their hatred with smiles, fake professions of love and loyalty and sweet words.

Dear woman, as you try to get along with people in this world, don’t forget that there are wolves in sheep’s clothing and you have to be wary of them.



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