I am glad Nigerian women are changing the narrative

I am glad that women are beginning to aceept themselves spirit, soul and body regardless of what society tells them.

I am happy that women are bold to talk about things which are considered a taboo in the past.

I am happy that women are defying all the obstacles on their way to get educated, empowered and pursue their dreams without feeling guilty.

I love the fact that women can now choose what to do with their lives, their bodies and their relationships.

I am thrilled that women can specify the kind of man they want, his height, his complexion, his size as well as his sexual capabilities.

I am glad women are doing their best in life

I am glad that women are learning to know, accept and love themselves on all levels.

I am glad that women are focusing on personal growth, self awareness, going on adventures, experiencing life, empowering themselves financially and emotionally.

I am glad that women are living life on their terms, increasingly filled with peace, joy, love, passion and fun.

I am glad that women now understand that they have unlimited capacity to create the kind of lives they want without fear of being labeled.

I am happy that today’s woman is inspired by the mistakes of the past and setting new rules for how things should be regarding her life and future.

I am excited to know such women who through resilience, hard work and a burning desire to be everything they want to be are setting the pace for others to follow.

I am glad women are beginning to defy societal expectations and living their lives the way they deem fit.

These women are my tribe. They are goddesses and together we will inspire others who are still struggling with their identities.

These women won’t be blackmailed into becoming less because of their gender. They will be the best in life.


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