How to teach your teenagers good hygiene

It is expected that parents should teach their teens good hygiene habits. Hygiene is how people keep their bodies clean. Socially, it is necessary to function as a clean person. People expect that those they interact with daily should be clean.

So maintaining good hygiene is an essential skill for teens and children alike. Good hygiene reduces risk of catching a disease. when it comes to hygiene, children learn how to behave by watching their parents’  example. If you keep yourself clean, your teen will see this as normal behavior and emulate you.

Here are the basics of teen hygiene parents should teach theirchildren:

*Have a basic discussion about cleanliness with your child no matter how busy you are. Sometimes when you are driving, you can start the important hygiene discussion with your teenager instead of waiting for when you will both will be free to talk about it.

Good hygiene is important for teenagers

*Buy personal body care items made for teenagers for your teen. Buy deodorant, soap, body spray, or even acne face wash for frequent use. Don’t buy what you need, buy products for teenagers.

*Teach your teenager to shower or bathe every day. Wash hair daily. Use deodorant or antiperspirant as needed. Let them brush teeth twice a day and, preferably, floss daily. Wear clean underwear and socks every day.

*Introduce your teen to deodorant or antiperspirant. If your teen sweats a lot, get him or her an antiperspirant. Be careful of antiperspirants though as they can block the sweat glands underneath the arms, leading to painful lumps that should be checked out by a doctor.

*Good dental hygiene will help your teenager. Tooth brushing removes some common bacteria that can cause bad breath. When these bacteria is removed, it reduces the risk of diseases such as gingivitis, infection of the gums and cavities.

*Flossing removes the bacteria and dirt that are trapped between the teeth. Those bacteria, if not removed, can get into the bloodstream and can even lead to heart disease. Flossing might even help people live longer accoridng to some reports.

For some teenagers, observing proper hygiene can be an issue. This is where you put your foot down as a parent and insist they take good care of their bodies.

Parents, teach your children how to stay clean for their own good so that they don’t evolve into smelly adults who will wait for their partners to clean up after them.




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