Lady raped and killed by ex-convict she met in church

33-year-old Onyinye Gift was killed four days after taking Oluebube Igwe, a suspect currently detained by the Homicide Unit of the Federal Capital Territory (FCT) Police Command into her home.

According to people who knew her, Gift, a trader has accommodated stranded people in her one room apartment in Kuchingoro settlement, along the Umaru Yar’Adua Road (Airport Road), Abuja.

But she made the fatal mistake of taking-in, Oluebube, who she met during a baptism session of Dunamis Church Abuja.

Prince Arome, Gift’s neighbor and friend in the compound she lived, said she met Orluebube after they both had been baptized as members of the Abuja church. Prince who made the shocking discovery that Gift had been murdered, said she initially begged him to accommodate Orluebube, but he declined because his girlfriend was to spend some time with him.

“She came with the guy to meet me that I should let him stay in my place. But, I told her that a friend, my girlfriend actually would be visiting. That’s why she took him to her place.

Gift and I became friends as parishioners in Holy Cross Catholic Church, Kuchingoro, which we attended for years. She met this guy (Orluebube) in Dunamis Church, where she started attending in January. They both were baptized on the same day in February, the guy gave testimony that he is a changed man, that he spent nine years in jail”, he said.

Arome also narrated how he discovered that his friend had been killed. “She used to join those doing printing business in Area 10 Shopping Centre and when that business wasn’t moving, she started selling snacks. If she is around, when her younger relation, who lived with her returns from school, she doesn’t like to be disturbed when taking a nap. So, like before she dished out her younger cousin’s lunch and the girl eat it without disturbing her when she returned from school.

Onyinye Gift

“But when it was evening time, her cousin who thought she was sleeping tried waking her up to ask what they would prepare for dinner. When she didn’t respond, the young girl came asking me to beg her aunty to reply her; thinking she ignored her out of anger.   I went into her house and tried to wake her up, even making fun that she should stop pretending she didn’t hear me. But when I saw that her body was limp and she wasn’t responding, I raised an alarm. I started calling everyone who lives in our compound, I told them what happened. They rushed back home one by one and after calls to Gift’s phone which was stolen along with her laptop by her killer and we reported the matter at the Kuchingoro Police Post immediately”.

Gift was murdered on Wednesday February 13th and buried in her hometown in Ezeagu LG, Enugu State on Tuesday 26th February. “I accompanied her corpse home for burial, her people were really sad over her death and they would like to see justice done. I equally want to see the man who killed Gift face the full wrath of the law. He confessed during his testimony in their church that he was in jail for nine years, he should be stopped from doing this kind of thing again”, Arome said.

Onyinye Gift confirmed at the Kunchingoro Police Post that Orluebube was apprehended at a petrol station in the area on the evening of February 13th, after her neighbors reported that Gift who was also a part-time student at the University of Abuja had been murdered. His case was transferred to the Wuye Division of the FCT Police Command, from where officers were dispatched to Kunchigoro on the day of the murder and they traced the suspect to a nearby petrol station where he was arrested.

When this paper visited the Wuye police station, the officers on duty declined comment on the matter, saying, the FCT Police Public Relations Officer, DSP. Anjuguri Manza should be contacted.

However, a source close to the investigation told that Orluebube was transferred to the Homicide Unit of the FTC, C.I.D, from the Wuye Division. It was also confirmed that the suspect an ex-convict, who was incarcerated for nine years for an armed robbery case in Markudi  raped his victim and broke her neck. A knife was found on the bed of the late trader, but her killer didn’t use it, preferring to break her neck. An empty bottle of a cough syrup mixture containing codeine was also found at the crime scene.

DSP. Anjuguri Manza stated that the suspect will be charged to court once investigation is concluded. “Investigation is still ongoing. We cannot charge the case to court until investigation is concluded. I can assure you that the case will be charged to court once investigation is concluded”, he said.



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