Welcome to Nigeria where women kill their husbands

Welcome to Nigeria where women kill their husbands and married men don’t die natural deaths. Their wives are accused of killing them and forced to prove their innocence.

Welcome to Nigeria where a man dies and his church-going, communion-receiving and tongue-speaking relatives swoon upon his properties like bees and displace his wife and children.

Welcome to Nigeria where a wife suggests to her husband to write a will and he accuses her of trying to kill him so she can keep his properties.

Welcome to Nigeria where a man with a wife and children refuses to make her his next of kin. He would rather use his brother or sister and when he dies, his immediate family starts suffering.

Welcome to Nigeria where a man accuses his wife of adultery and she’s shamed and returned to her family but when she catches him with different lovers, she will resort to fasting and prayers. She will start calling the girls to threaten them to leave her husband alone.

Welcome to Nigeria where a woman is judged by her marital status. It doesn’t matter what she has achieved even before 30, if she’s not married, she is a failure.

Welcome to Nigeria where women are blamed for things that go wrong

Welcome to Nigeria where the girl child is an endangered specie. She bears the brunt of the reckless actions of irresponsible men around her. She is blamed for seducing her sexual molesters.

Welcome to Nigeria where a rape victim is shamed into silence while her abuser is energized to keep sexually molesting other victims.

Welcome to Nigeria where a woman must die to keep her marriage even if she’s the one feeding, clothing and fucking the man. She’s nothing with a marriage even one to a useless man.

Welcome to Nigeria where pastors feed fat on women’s desperation to keep their homes. They organize ridiculous programmes where these women are charged to keep praying for irresponsible men. But these men won’t be called to order or charged to pray for their wives if the tables were turned.

Welcome to Nigeria where an average man believes you must say yes to his advances. If you dare say no, you are a prostitute. You must smile at any man that says hello otherwise you might miss a potential husband material.

Welcome to Nigeria where girls are sexually abused by their fathers, step fathers, uncles, pastors, cousins and neighbours but instead of seeking justice for these victims, they are told to forget about it because it is a family matter.

Welcome to Nigeria where a man beats his wife black and blue and the first question people will ask her is ‘what did you do for him to beat you?’ To them, a man has the right to beat his wife but he can’t even look at his female boss in the eye.

Welcome to Nigeria where we leave everything to God. We are waiting for God to come down and help us do things He gave us brains for. People refuse to hold criminals accountable for their crimes.

In Nigeria, feminists are being bashed left, right and centre because they are refusing to maintain the status quo. They are called angry, bitter, single mothers just because they are tired of inequality.

This is Nigeria where a woman should be seen and not heard. Our Nigeria where a woman is told how far she can go. Our Nigeria where a woman is blamed for almost everything that goes wrong.

If as a woman, you are not angry with the way things are going and you join these men suffering from small penis syndrome to bash feminists, something is very wrong with you. What kind of future do you want for your daughters?


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