The lady who refused to be a virtuous woman

The lady you are about to read her story is not a virtuous woman. She refused to work on her marriage because she was rich and had a good job.

This lady refused to join other women who are slaving day and night to keep their marriages together. She was only concerned about living a baby girl life.

This story was shared by a facebook friend, here it goes:

“My aunty, a goddess.

In her late twenties, she became a big shot at her workplace, a multinational.
Her salary, very delicious.

She was living the life. A baby girl. Almost 30, she was unmarried.

You know the culture…losers who should be occupied brainstorming on what to soak their garri with, peasants who should be massaging the butt of their kids ‘dem don flog tire’ for school due to school fees.

These idiots were busy holding gossip show on top her matter.

But my aunty, she no see you.
She was slaying her singleness.

The lady who refused to be virtuous

Then came this nigga.

She said ‘I do.’
They got married.

Fast forward…

This dude who met my aunty, a high achiever, a lady at the peak of her career, this dude got confused. He wanted a typical Nigerian wife.

You know, the proverb 39 woman that wakes by 3am to handwash the laundry, stock the fridge with fresh pepper soup and oha soup, with extra bowl of ofe akwu, sweeps the gatemans room and iron the Gardener’s shirt, go off to work and earn 6figures, be back home on time to turn fresh semo…
you get the drift.

The typical virtous woman. My aunty, the goddess, she doesn’t do typical. Dafuc is that!

When dude’s whining became a nuisance, she did what smart people do, she yanked off that obstacle and flung it away, far away.

She divorced his annoying ass.

Now she is back to herself being awesome and doing what she does best, winning!

With glowing skin. She’s today’s woman!”

Written by Jennifer Awirigwe. 😂😂😂😂


You can imagine what people will be saying about this lady. Even miserably married women will be calling her names too. This society is annoyingly hypocritical.

You see why she’s not the Nigerian version of a virtuous woman? If she were a virtuous woman, she would have given up her job, herself and her dreams for an insecure man who doesn’t even know what he wants out of life.

Dear Nigerian women, being virtuous doesn’t mean becoming foolish and throwing away everything you worked for so that one man reeking of low self esteem and insecurities can feel like a head.

Being a virtuous woman doesn’t mean giving up your dreams for marriage. That’s getting lost on your journey of life. Don’t allow religious people deceive you.

God created you to fulfill purpose on earth and not to be useless to yourself, your family and your community. Don’t allow these slavery preachers confuse you with being a virtuous woman.

Know who you are. Know what you want. Live your life well and any man who is comfortable with marrying an ambitious and high flying woman like you should go for his kind. Confusion shouldn’t bring him your way.


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