Baby daddy of domestic violence victim reacts after her story

The baby daddy of domestic violence victim whose story we shared some days back has reacted to her allegations. He said she lied against him and prays she reaps every seed she is sowing.

According to him: “Some people will just read some news which are proven lies against you and pass judgment on you without any recourse to you. It’s a wicked world indeed, he noted. ”

But the victim who recently shared her survival story countered his claims with another post. She tagged his employers to her post asking for the company to speak up.

Domestic violence baby daddy refutes her story


According to NkasiObim Nebo:

“Chibueze Seth, you want to become popular, so let me make you one.

You call me a liar and claim
that your office investigated me and found out that I’m lying, yet you wrote in a document that your office sacked you last August because of me, and that you now live in your father’s old home in your village and that you are sufferring.

domestic violence victim

Help me because I am confused. Your office said I’m a liar and they still sacked you? Oh wait! Were you lying? Did you claim the above mentioned so you will dodge child maintenance? Could you have lied to a judge? Are you kidding me?

Biko ndi Team Save the Children South Sudan and Save the Children, Nigeria, your staff claims you investigated me and found out that the few things I listed in my previous post were lies.

Can you please come and explain in details how the investigations were carried out and how you concluded that I am a liar? It is very important that you take this serious.”


How did he even see her post? Is he monitoring her on social media? Or does he have informants around her that inform him of her moves? I hope his employers will shed more light on this she said, he said issue.

Domestic violence is a serious issue and women shouldn’t continue to cover up for men who are hurting them.





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