He dumped me after giving him the styles I saved for marriage

He dumped me after giving him the sex styles I saved for marriage a young lady recently lamented.

A Twitter user identified as @lindiwe_dee started trending on the platform after revealing that her boyfriend dumped her.

According to the heartbroken young lady, her boyfriend dumped her despite giving him all the sex styles she saved for marriage.

According to her,  “He dumped me even after I f*cked him with styles I saved for marriage.”
Dear young lady, welcome to reality. What society taught you about men and what keeps them are lies.
Society will tell you that men live and breathe for sex. Men love sex. If you give you a man good sex, he won’t leave you. That’s a big lie. Don’t let this society fool you.

Young lady sex doesn’t keep a man

Dear young lady, sex doesn’t keep a man. No matter the kind of sex styles you give to a man, it won’t make him stay if he doesn’t want to be with you.
Sex won’t make him love you more. That’s another lie society tells women. A man who truly loves you will do everything possible to protect your sexual purity. He won’t be demanding sex like it’s going out of fashion.
This is the time for young ladies to be wise about their choices when it comes to relationships. You don’t go into a relationship thinking sex is a gift you bribe a man with so he won’t leave you.
Young ladies, don’t go into a relationship with the mindset that you are being used by a man when you both have sex. Sex is between two willing  people who enjoyed themselves. Nobody used anybody.
Young ladies should stop thinking that giving their boyfriends different sex styles will keep these guys in their lives forever. You cannot keep a man who doesn’t want to be kept.
This young lady shouldn’t have come out in public to say such a thing because it’s embarrassing and appalling. If she was saving these sex styles for marriage, why did she give it to a guy who is not yet her husband?


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