Jennifer Lopez says guys are useless before 33

‘Guys are really useless until they’re 33!’ Jennifer Lopez reveals her best dating and relationship advice as she helps a stranger navigate Tinder for the very first time.

Jennifer Lopez has been around the block a few times when it comes to dating, so it only makes sense the singer would offer up the relationship advice she has learned over the years.

In a video with Tinder’s Swipe Sessions, the 48-year-old Jennifer Lopez sat down with a woman named Brooke Ansley to offer pointers on what to look for in a significant other.

The chart-topping singer did not hold back on the valuable advice after a man named Maurice, who is 29, came up on Brooke’s profile. ‘Guys, until they’re 33, are really useless,’ J.Lo said.

Jennifer Lopez

Before swiping through Tinder profiles, J.Lo reviewed Brooke’s profile to make sure it was up to par before she tried to match with any men.

Brooke revealed she only recently started dating online and was looking for a ‘manly man’ to do chores like ‘chop wood’.

But J.Lo was quick to point out that it wasn’t often when Brooke would need a guy to ‘chop wood’ for her.

‘What do you really need?’ J.Lo asked before looking at Brooke’s profile.

In Brooke’s bio, all she had to describe herself was ‘Yoga and Wine’, which J.Lo appeared unimpressed by because it didn’t offer the men any information about who they were potentially swiping right on.

Jennifer Lopez

‘This is more my kind of guy,’ Jennifer Lopez  said about one potential match. ‘He has a baseball hat on. He’s outdoorsy. He looks like he chops wood.’

According to, J.Lo was unimpressed by another potential match who said in his bio that it would only work with someone if they didn’t put ketchup in the fridge.

While his bio was one of the more original descriptions out there, it also significantly narrowed down who would be interested in swiping right.

Jennifer Lopez has experienced the woes of dating herself but is now happily dating former baseball player Alex Rodriguez, 42.




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