Anambra State Police command parade three over viral nude video

Anambra State Police Command has paraded the lady who flogged her sister’s husband’s side chic alongside her sister and her husband.

Anambra State Police Command paraded the three suspects over the viral video of a woman who was stripped naked and was beaten severally.

According to the Commissioner of Police, Mr Rabiu Ladodo, the Victim (name withheld) was invited by Mr Ifeanyi Azotani, 40 year old artisan, from Ifitedunu, Dunukofia Local Government Area to his house at Amawbia where the alleged wife, Tochukwu, 43 and her niece, Ogochukwu Nwankwo, 33 bumped into them, stripped and beat her.

Anambra State Police Command parade three over viral nude video

They later made monetary demands from her and also threatened they will release the video on the internet.

The suspects confessed to the crimes but denied releasing the video. They claimed it was a third party that collected the video from them on the day of the incident and released same.

Other suspects were also paraded including a military man who absconded from Service but was using his military ID card and gear to extort, rob and defraud unsuspecting members of the public.

Anambra State Police command parades aunty flogger


Next time, these women will learn how to behave like sane human beings and not like animals. We are not in the jungle. There are laws in this country and if you break them because of an irresponsible husband, you will do the time in jail.

To the married women who are quick to fight, beat and disgrace side chicks, you ignorant and weak lots need to know that you don’t go about beating someone for what your community penis husbands are guilty of too.

If a man invites his side chic to your matrimonial home, face him squarely and stop fighting an outsider. If your husband has any iota of respect for you, he won’t invite another woman into your home. Stop fighting the wrong people. Your husbands are the ones with the problem.


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