Are you a free woman?

Are you a free woman? What kind of life are you living if you are not free to be yourself? What kind of legacy do you want to leave if you cannot be free to be yourself, to do the things you want that benefit your soul as well as air your opinion on important issues?

You have something to say about serious issues on social media but you cannot say what you feel freely because you are afraid of what your husband will say, what his family members would say and what your church members would say.

And you claim to be an adult with functional brain cells. You claim to be free, independent and successful. Madam, sit your ass down. You are in bondage. If you are not free to state your opinions about something, you are in bondage. Stop deceiving yourself.

Are you a free woman

Someone said she has a lot to say about the trending married women and side chics saga on facebook but can’t express her opinion because her in-laws would report her to her husband. And she was begging a facebook friend to help her post her thoughts on the matter.

Another one made a post about married women versus side chicks and said she was thankful to God that her pastor wasn’t on facebook. A grown woman can’t share her thoughts. You are afraid of pastor who doesn’t feed you or give you money to buy data to access facebook.

Even if he gives you money, why do you think it’s right for another human being to gag you when you have something to say? If you cannot clearly and boldly state your opinions, you are not free. You are nowhere near freedom .You are in huge chains.

You are allowing the chains of societal expectations and religious conditioning keep you bound. You are allowing people control who you are, what you have to say and your opinions on issues that are burning in your heart.

Think about it. If you are not free to say things in public because you are afraid of what people will say and what your church members or pastor will think of you as long as you are not promoting evil, you are inĀ  bondage. You are not a free woman.



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