Nollywood actress Regina Chukwu celebrates her daughter at 18

Nollywood actress Regina Chukwu has penned down a sweet and emotional message for her daughter who recently turned 18.

In the post, Regina Chukwu maintains that even though her daughter is now 18, she will still be in her business and dictate who she befriends and what she wears.

Read the beautiful post Regina Chukwu dedicated to her daughter at 18:

Letter to my first born child as she turns 18

Dear daughter, I am so happy you turned 18 today. My joy can’t be quantified. I am elated and full of gratitude.

Regina Chukwu celebrates her daughter at 18

Oh Chiamaka my beautiful, gentle, loving, smart, blessed, lovable, easy going, lover of children, God most favorite, as you clock 18, I want you to have it at the back of your mind that you are still mummy’s little girl.

So therefore, I still get to dictate your hairstyle, choice of clothes, I am still going to be in your business, in you DM, WhatsApp and what have you. I am still going to be screening the kind of people you hang out with, how many I born?

We have come a long way you know, from that little tiny baby girl that won’t eat, or have enough sleep and so she was underweight.

I brought orishirish melecine (medicine) syprilgold o, multivitamins o, all kind of food but this girl would just not get fat. Now, you are so grown you can now ask me, mummy what are you doing in my room?

Regina Chukwu celebrates her daughter at 18

RACHEL NWAFOR, you are LOVED never think otherwise. You are the most brilliant, you are successful, you are blessed, you are a good daughter, you are favored, you are to be emulated, you are everything good!

Mummy got your back always. I am double sure you know that already. God got you more so my love continue breaking barriers
Pls drop a world of prayer for my ADA.


Good one from Regina Chukwu, the happy and proud mother. We wish her daughter all the best.


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