I take permission from my parents to go out these days -Yvonne Jegede

“These days that I have to take permission from my parents to go out and I have a certain time to be back home because of my oga Xavier.

Life has become even more interesting. Everything works out for good in my life. I can’t complain, nothing to complain about because I’m grateful to God for His grace is sufficient for me.”

It is no longer news that Ebony black Nollywood actress Yvonne Jegede popularly known as Choco has moved back in with her parents after her marriage to husband crashed.

Why I take permission from my parents to go out

Sources close to the actress have revealed that she’s taking things well as her son has become the centre of her world. Yvonne has gone back to what she knows how to do best, making money.

It’s funny that after she put up this post on Instagram, some busybodies went there to mock her for leaving her marriage. They reminded her that she has been used and dumped and she should hide her face in shame.

Some Nigerians don’t really have manners and it’s appalling that they believe other people should continue to tolerate their bad behaviour because of their celebrity status. I read some of those comments and cringed at how badly raised many people are especially men.

I take permission from my parents to go out

If Yvonne takes permission from her parents to go out and do her business, how’s that the headache of these busybodies? They are her parents and she needs to tell them when and where she’s going and when she will be back because she’s nursing a baby.

She takes permission from her parents to go out these days and you are mocking her for having a failed marriage, do you know what your future looks like? Do you know what will happen to you in your own marriage tomorrow?

Nigerians should think before they talk. This trend of attacking celebrities should stop. They are human beings and they have feelings like the rest of us.

Permission or not, I can’t help but notice how hot and sexy Yvonne looks these days. She’s the real choco.


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