Simi blasts yahoo boys and Nigerians without chills came for her

Popular Nigerian singer, Simisola recently shared her opinion on internet fraud.

The singer explained that Nigerians need to change their mindset about Yahoo boys if they want the world to look at us differently.

The singer expressed that internet fraud is wrong and there is no way around making it look good.

She advised people to try and change the mind of those involved in internet fraud if they cannot report them.

Simi said the only way to change the way the world addresses Nigerians is if we decide to change ourselves and encourage others to do so too.

The singer, who shared her thoughts on a live video she shared on Instagram, was challenged by a fan who told her that Yahoo boys are the ones buying her songs and watching her videos on YouTube.

Internet fraud is wrong says Simi

Responding to this fan, the singer stated that if the Yahoo boys are going to rationalise their evil deeds by claiming that they buy her songs, they should stop patronizing her songs or watching her videos.

This is a courageous stand to take about a serious issue affecting us as a nation with the way people justify internet fraud with poverty and lack of jobs.

Some Nigerians came for Simi after her video insulting her and they even dragged her husband Adekunle Gold into the matter.

Here are some of the reactions from angry Nigerians:

Poyet said:

How can a proper yahoo boy be listening to poem when gbedu dey?


I no even get her music for phone self, even her husband both of them dey sing like ant.

Slem Polycarp:

I prefer listening to generator sound than your song.

Adannaya Maryann:

Ever since Simi got married, she has been making noise as if she left her sense with single hood. No be say I sabi wetin you dey sing.

Ziki Onoh:

The yeye song wey dey sound like cat wey never chop.

Uche Amadi:

Yahoo boys no get time for person wey dey rehearse incantation.

Awutey Divine:

Dat your voice wey dey sound like say na HIV catch am. U and Adekunle no sabi anything. Gettaway you.

Ozor Dinma:

What is this wan saying

Which music abeg? The wan that is sounding like a rotten onion. Mtchewww. Next person pls.

Ifa Tope:

Simi or pant them dey call you, what’s Yahoo? Ode. Your eyes like yahoo messenger wey lost network signal.


Talking trash, all ur music no make sense just dat ur voice make sex not sense, adekunle Gold song music call u Delilah oloko meji, meaning u be flirting with yahoo boys before and stop mocking people…ekpa, ode, morron like u simisola…mind ur business very well.

Samuel Munonye Jnr:

Do u have music? Who told you Yahoo boys listen to that poem you and your husband call music?

Esema Jacob:

Adekunle has used prick to shift Simi’s brain since they got married. That’s why she no dey reason before talking.

Cee Jay:

E nor go better for simi and her new husband in Jesus name Amen.


It is sad that people are now openly supporting internet fraud in this country. How did we get here as a people?


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