Women, stop trying to befriend patriarchy, it will shame you

Women, stop trying to befriend patriarchy, it will shame you says Joy Isi Bewaji.

She said:

“Women, whatever you do to appeal to men, consciously or subconsciously, as the favourite pick-me toy from the shop, needs to STOP.

We see you.

We see through you.

You will implode soon.

And I’ll be here to write your story.

Stop it already.

Stop trying to befriend Patriarchy. It will shame you.

And because you have no real fibre. No guts. No zing… it will destroy you.

Don’t befriend patriarchy it will shame you

Then you will turn around and try to get chummy with women like me.

But you see, we don’t give a fvck about you, or the men, or the system that excludes women.

We just don’t care! We have been consistent with our rage. It didn’t start today.

We do this for our children.

We are living our truth.

We are trying to find and love the least offensive men who understand basic respect for women in a society that continues to teach them to respect only their mothers, their sisters and their wives.

And that is our burden – always trying to find the least offensive. This is how patriarchy reduces our worth – to the least of a bad situation.

It is a shame.

We are alive at this time in history to DRAG this system and the people who endorse it.

Anybody who makes you believe they have to own you before they can show respect, needs to be disgraced.

These men exist because women protect them.

I say no more!

PS: I want to start a movement against Slut-Shaming. I have too much on my plate already so I don’t know how to add one more responsibility to my list. But this has to be done. We need to address how easy it is to shame women. And how men get away with everything.”




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