One of the ways society judges women

It’s unfair and annoying how people judge women for everything they do. This society is so unfair to women. And it is sad that it is also women who keep promoting some of these negative narratives against other women.

People judge a woman for refusing to fit in, they judge her for refusing to be disrespected. They judge her for daring to live her life different from what sociery expects from her.

People also judge women for not reacting negatively when she’s being hurt and taken for granted. They tell you that a woman must fight to keep her man and if she doesn’t do so, it means she doesn’t love him.

I recently shared a post on my facebook page about a whatsapp chat between a supposed side chic and the wife of her married lover.

According to the chat, the two women are working together to fleece the man of as much money as they can.

The wife informs the side chick whenever the man receives his salary, tells her how much he got and tells her how much she should demand for so that they can both split the cash.

Don’t judge a woman you don’t know her story

I have written and article in the past about how some women befriend their husband’s side chics because they feel it’s the best way to handle the situation they are facing in their marriages.

While I may not be able to do such a thing because I find it demeaning, I don’t blame women who do so or judge them because I have not walked in their shoes. I believe these women are just coping with their marriages the best way they know how.

But what I find annoying and distasteful is how some people are quick to call these women names, accuse them of not loving their husbands enough and even claim that they are cold blooded murderers in waiting.

I mean, how did you come to such a conclusion about someone you don’t even know, you don’t know what they have been through, and you don’t know what they have endured in their marriages?

Why are women judged for not reacting negatively to the irresponsible behaviour of their philandering husbands? Why does this society expect women to cry, beg, grovel and disgrace themselves for men who don’t give a hoot about them?

Why should a woman say that a woman who is okay with collaborating with her husband’s side chick to get money from him doesn’t love him anymore and she can kill her husband at any time without blinking?

How do you know? Are you in the woman’s head? Do you know her? What makes you think the man won’t kill her first so that he can enjoy his relationship with his side chic without distractions?

Why is it that women who refuse to allow the irresponsible behaviour of their men affect them are seen as cold blooded murderers in waiting? Why should women continue to fight other women over irresponsible men?

What should she have done, start fighting the side chick so that people will know she still loves her husband and not accuse her of having a cold heart?

What about the man who is cheating and spending his money on someone he’s not married to, is he not capable of doing away with his wife whenever he feels like it?

People should stop judging women for the unconventional ways they seek to deal with their pain. It’s her life, her marriage and we don’t know the whole story.

You don’t judge a woman you don’t know her story. You don’t judge someone in whose shoes you haven’t walked. Women, stop it! Stop helping this hypocritical society judge other women. Face your life!




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