10 annoying things people say to Nigerian women

If you are a Nigerian woman, you must have been told one or more of these annoying things.

It is sad that women are being told what to do, what to wear, where to go, what to say, how to behave, how to retaliate when offended and even what to do if they are hurt.

Some Nigerians are good at telling women annoying things that make you want to pull your hair because of how senseless some of these phrases are.

Let’s go there:

You are not married yet, what are you waiting for? You are not getting any younger. Stop choosing, just pick any man that says hello to you. Husband is scarce. Your time is going. Menopause is calling your full name.

Some annoying things people say to Nigerian women

This your belly is still flat, don’t you want to get pregnant or do you think your husband married you for love? If you don’t hurry up and give him children, he will marry another woman.

Your child is grown now. Don’t you want to have another child? You are here doing sisi and driving cars round about town. Do you think your husband is happy with you? This is annoying.

You have all girls, when are you having a boy? You leg is not strong yet in your husband’s house if you don’t have a son yet. Don’t relax, go anywhere to get a son. I know one baba.

Is your husband your houseboy? Why do you allow him cook for you and take care of the children? He shouldn’t be doing that, he’s a man. This is annoying considering cooking and caring for one’s children is not gender specific.

Are you always celebrating your birthday every year? Don’t you know you should celebrate getting married instead of cutting birthday cakes every year?

Don’t bring your single friends into your home. Do you want them to seduce your husband? Cut off all your single friends once you get married, they are jealous of you and eyeing your man.

If your husband commands you to stop working and doing your business, you must obey him because he’s your head. You are nothing without him. Do everything you can to please him. This is very annoying.

If you catch your husband cheating on you, check yourself. You must have done something to push him into the arms of another woman. If you are performing your wifely duties well, your husband won’t cheat on you.

You should stop traveling too much and focus on your husband. He’s a baby. What is he eating whenever you are not around? Do you want another woman to cook vegetable soup for him and snatch him away? Don’t allow anything take you away from your husband’s side.

People will always talk. They will always say trash about situations they know nothing about. Do what’s best for you.

You are the one living your life, not them. Don’t let anyone stampede you into a terrible situation. They will abandon you when shit hits the roof.



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