10 reasons you may regret getting engaged

Are you developing cold feet about spending the rest of your life with your man after getting engaged to him? You are not alone. Some women develop cold feet after getting engaged.

You may have thought being engaged will make you feel complete, satisfied and happy but sometimes, you feel so empty and lost. You start wondering if you took the right decision.

As a woman, getting engaged to the man you love should be a good thing after dating for a while. It is clear that your family loves him and his family loves you. Both of you are of age to get married and decide to get engaged.

So why do you feel down after all the excitement of your engagement? Why are you feeling a sense of panic? Why are you afraid of spending the rest of your life with your fiancé?

Why do you suddenly feel emotionally distant and disconnected from the man whom you felt completely in agreement with before your engagement? Does that mean your engagement was a mistake? It may not be so.

You have to understand what is happening. There may be some things you should work out with your partner before your wedding day. There may be issues you need to be                                                                              honest about so that you can start your marriage on a strong foundation.

10 reasons you may regret getting engaged

Here are 10 possible reasons you are regretting getting engaged to your man:

Your attention has wandered

You aren’t proud of it, but your attention has wandered lately. You have had certain thoughts about other men. You have even flirted with a few of them. You feel maybe you are with the wrong man or feel trapped because of the issues you and your partner may be having. Either way, you are feeling unsettled.

Your family and friends have concerns

You might be jittery after getting engaged to your man because your friends and family have concerns about your engagement. If that’s true, maybe you should, too. Your friends and family know you well. You might need to hold on for a while and settle whatever it is you are jittery about.

Your man was engaged before

Perhaps your man was engaged before, and things did not end well. His wife-to-be called off the wedding. And you feel maybe he has issues he’s hiding from you which she noticed. You know he loves you, but you can’t help but wonder if he’s the right man for you. You can’t help but wonder if he’s still so traumatized from that incident.

You don’t believe in marriage

Maybe you believe in your relationship, but you don’t believe in marriage. You would love to spend your life with him, but you don’t really believe in the institution of marriage. You are just doing it for him but you feel you are lying to yourself.

10 reasons you may regret getting engaged

You question his motives

You are not sure you trust your partner’s motives. You may feel unsettled that your partner is marrying you for financial gains or because they just want to have children.

You think it’s too soon

You may feel you got engaged too soon. Maybe you both got engaged because people were asking a lot of questions about when you both are finally getting married.

You know marriage is a big deal

You don’t have to be too hard on yourself for having fears about getting married. Marriage is a big deal. But you don’t have to immediately write off your engagement because you are worried. You have to take a look within and see if any of these issues could be at work.

You feel it’s more about his family

You may just love the way his family loved and accepted you and feel marrying him is the next best decision to take. He’s great but you don’t see yourself marrying him and tying the knot shouldn’t be about his relatives. You know it’s not fair to him to marry him for his family.

You may have to choose him or your career

After being with this guy for a while, you know that you will constantly have to choose between your career and the marriage because your partner doesn’t fully support what you do to make your own money. You feel you can’t talk to him about it because of the way he reacts. You don’t feel you can give your career the attention it deserves, if you  marry him.

You think it might be a temporary solution

Maybe you both have not been getting along and you get engaged just to move your relationship to the next level but deep down, you know that your engagement is just a band-aid. You aren’t close and are not getting along well




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