If a woman is richer than her husband, she’s using his star to shine

Many people that if a woman is richer than her husband, she’s using his star to shine. They say these things without thinking about the implications of what they are saying.

It is sad that when women are richer than their husbands, people start saying that they are using these men’s star to shine even when it is clear that some of these men are lazy bunches whose stars are dead in the first place.

Even men who are blessed with hardworking and resourceful women buy into this fallacy and start complicating things for themselves by fighting their wives because of something they can’t prove.

They start complaining about her attitude, her lifestyle, the way she talks. They complain about her going out and coming in. They claim her money is making her proud, arrogant and unsubmissive.

When a wife is richer than her husband

They use the submission gospel to try to reduce these women. But these men don’t ask themselves what their stars have gotten them before their wives stole them. It is not wrong for your wife to be richer than you.

You have not been able to buy a bicycle until your wife bought a car and you claim she’s using your star. Even the family members who are turning you against her won’t return your stolen star when shit hits the roof.

If all you do is fight your woman for being rich, you have a problem and it has nothing to do with her using your star to shine. You have low self esteem and should work to better yourself instead of seeing your wife as a competition.

If your wife’s income and financial status is affecting you as a man, you need to ask yourself why you are angry with her progress in the first place. You can’t be angry at her success and claim you love her.

If you keep making your woman’s life miserable because she’s richer than you, you don’t have sense. Is she not your wife? Is not your name she bears or why are you allowing envious folks disrupt your good fortune?

As long as she is working for the common good of the family, keep your insecurities in check. Making money is not gender selective. It is not written anywhere that men must be richer than their wives.

Whoever makes more money shouldn’t be a problem as long as the people involved respect and work together to build their family.

It is not a must that a man must be richer than his wife, things don’t work that way. It’s not also a crime for women to be richer than their husbands.

Wealth is not gender selective. Riches, wealth and success are for everyone irrespective of their gender .


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