Men, stop feeling entitled to a woman’s body

Dear men, stop feeling entitled to a woman’s body. It’s her body and not yours.

I keep saying this, that a girl came to visit you doesn’t mean she wants to have sex with you.

And I noticed some of you males are very crafty lots; more crafty than a fox itself.

You lure a girl to your house and try everything willingly possible to keep her there until it’s dark and she can’t find her way home again.

Then, the demon in you manifests and you start making the D moves on her. She’s helpless most of the times, because if she says no, there’s every possibility that she might spend the night outside your room.

Stop feeling entitled to a woman’s body

And to think that some of you even go as far as sending a girl away in the middle of the night just because she refused having sex with you is really appalling!

Don’t say it’s a lie, because it has happened before my very eyes. One midnight, I heard a knock on my door and I opened to see a girl standing outside, begging me if she could pass the night at my place.

She later told me that the guy she came to spend the night with asked her to choose between leaving his room or sleeping with him.

A woman’s body doesn’t automatically become yours by default setting when she’s with you. If a mental patient at Yaba left comes and starts grabbing your dick to fuck her, how would you feel?

I know some of you would feel great that a mad woman grabbed your dick, but for the ones who still have sense, would you just be willing to have sex with a mad woman like that?

It’s her body, not yours; and she has the right to decide if she wants to have sex with it or not, and not you deciding for her.

Remember you have sisters and also consider your future daughters. Let’s all learn to respect women, biko.

┬ęKosi Ugo


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