Some relationship myths women should avoid

Some women go into relationships believing some myths about what good relationships are supposed to be like and how they are supposed to feel when they are enjoying one.

The relationship myths these women believe determine their behavior in the relationship. They also tailor their relationships according to them.

Here are relationship myths women have believed over the years that they should drop fast:

Don’t go to bed angry

It is better to resolve conflicts before going to bed but in some cases, it is not realistic if you and your partner are very busy with family duties. What couples can do is agree not to go to bed without deciding when to continue a discussion.

Good relationships don’t require work

I laugh when women say good relationships don’t require work. It is one of the myths that destroy relationships. You can’t be with someone different from you in many ways and expect your relationship to work out on its own without putting in the work.

relationship myths

Don’t voice your dissatisfaction early in the relationship

It is sad that women are told that they shouldn’t voice their dissatisfaction early in their relationships because it might chase men away. They are told to overlook irresponsible behaviour so that they won’t come off as bossy.

Having a baby will solve your problems

Having a baby with a partner you are having problems with is a wrong move. Having a baby is not tea party. It’s beautiful but stressful. If you are already having problems, you should deal with them directly and not expect a baby to make them disappear.

Couples in good relationships don’t argue

Some women believe that if you have a good relationship, with your partner, you won’t argue with them. But productive arguments that don’t escalate are good for relationships because they result in resolutions.

If the relationship is meant to be, it will just work out

Relationships need to be steered by both parties. You can just let the tide take you wherever it wants, but when you crash or sink, don’t conclude the relationship wasn’t meant to be. It is mutual passivity and lack of effort that doom relationships.

Couples should have sex many times a week/month

Believing that you and your partner should have sex three times a week for your relationship to work out may cause dissatisfaction because expectations are high. If you are having sex once, you might be convinced something is wrong. Frequency of sex depends on the sex drive of you and your partner and opportunity.

If you are happy with your partner, you don’t need to be close to anyone else

This is fallacy. The fact that you are in a relationship with someone doesn’t mean that you don’t have to be close to another person. If you both co-dependent, that’s okay but if that is not the case, it means one person is attempting to control the other person.



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