How a Nigerian wife dealt with her serial cheat husband

The way a Nigerian wife handled her serial cheat husband will make your heart leap for joy. Her story will make you laugh.

“In the past, when he cheats, she would cry, beg him to stop and call his uncles to talk some sense into him. They will tell her to pray for him to change.

Husband would cheat with single girls, teenagers, married women, and widows without remorse. He would tell wife that as long as he’s taking care of her, she shouldn’t complain.

One day, they had a big fight and wife broke husband’s head. Husband hurriedly called his family members claiming wife wants to kill him for nothing. They gathered immediately to chastise wife.

Wife also informed her family members. Both families came to settle the issue. Husband’s family later told wife to kneel and apologize to husband for going through his phone and fighting him because of cheating.

They claimed it was our culture and as long as husband gives wife money, she should face herself and her children and leave husband alone to enjoy his youth.

How wife handled serial cheat husband

They told her to stay away from her friends who inform her of husband’s many escapades because they are home breakers who are envious of her marriage.

They didn’t talk about the side chick who claimed she had been pregnant twice for husband. They didn’t talk about how husband was endangering the lives of wife and children by sleeping with strangers without condom.

They told wife not to destroy her marriage by focusing on husband’s lies and cheating. She was told to endure like other women because men are polygamous in nature and she should cover his weakness.

Wife packed her things and left the house. Husband said she was joking. Three months after, wife still refused to come back. Wife is enjoying her life.

She has told husband to come meet with her family and collect his dowry back, husband said no. He said he loves her and doesn’t want to lose her.

Husband is now telling people that his wife is not patient and understanding like other women. He is begging her to come back. Madam has refused to come back.

Husband’s family is now calling her a prostitute who just wants to mess around and a wicked woman for refusing to forgive philandering husband.

Me, scratching my head and shaking my bum bum. Husband should go and marry those patient women and leave madam alone. Is it by force?

If you can cheating your without remorse, be ready to live with the consequences of your actions. Nobody is anybody’s fool.


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