Women can be happy without marriage and children

Nigerian women can be truly happy without marriage and children. Whenever I say this, people start arguing with me. They claim that women were created for marriage and not for purpose.

Most guys claim that ladies who aren’t married at a certain age cry themselves to sleep every night because they don’t haveĀ  men to call their own.

They say this about rich and successful ladies just to make them feel guilty about not being married or having children. But it’s not every woman who wants to get married or have children.

This is a post I saw on facebook on Shallom Asha Edwards wall:

Someone asks if people have a fear of being alone. This uncle, rather than just answer the question went “I know a lot of women have this fear but won’t admit it.”

Are you a woman? Even if you are, you don’t get to speak for women cause you have a vagina in common.

Women don’t need marriage or children to be happy

I remember when a tweet went viral last year and a Twitter user said the truth is that all women fear getting married ” late” and that most of us would pretend about it.

Why are people desperately trying to decide for women what our fears are or should be?
Just like they try to define for us what happiness should look like and if we’re not doing the things they think would give us happiness and fulfilment we can never be truly happy?

It’s why some idiots say things like Genevieve Nnaji cries herself to sleep every night, this woman had made a name for herself in Nigeria and beyond and she is well accomplished, still people can’t believe that she is genuinely happy because happiness.

For a woman to be happy, there has to be husband plus children and they cannot imagine that this woman who has never been married can ever be happy with one of the above missing.

As a woman, it’s important to be in tune with who you are, what you stand for and to define clearly your what your own fears are and what happiness means to you or else, you will accept other people’s fears as yours and define your happiness by what they think happiness should mean to you.


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