The Nigerian version of a virtuous woman

The Nigerian version of a virtuous woman is one who can endure all kinds crap from her man without complaints.

She stays with him through years of serial cheating because men are polygamous in nature. It’s okay for him to cheat. As long as he takes care of the family expenses, she turns a blind eye to his irresponsibility and disrespect.

She endures emotional, sexual and physical abuse. She feels everything that goes wrong in her marriage is her fault. She is hounded with a wise woman builds her home with her hands crap.

She makes excuses for being neglected emotionally and physically. He’s always busy. He’s working hard to give her and her children and good life. She doesn’t need emotional and physical bonding from her husband.

She stays while being disrespected by her man and his family members. They call her names at will. Treat her like a second class citizen. They barge into her home whenever they feel like it and make demands on her without respect. She takes all these because she’s virtuous.

The Nigerian version of a virtuous woman

She welcomes his mistresses and accepts his love children. That’s a true virtuous woman. She understands that his mistresses are just flings and their children are innocent. She’s the woman of the house, the wife he comes home to.

She submits her salary to him while he squanders it on irrelevant things. If she doesn’t do this, she’s not virtuous. She doesn’t have a functional head so she submits her salary so he can spend it as the head of the house.

She doesn’t question his decisions because her brain is useless and he’s always right. That’s what many Nigerians expect from virtuous women. These women don’t have a voice, they are docile who don’t question the decisions of their husbands.

She also stays at home patiently waiting when he abandons her and her kids to spend his youthful years with another woman.

Then years later when he becomes weak, spent and useless, he returns to her and she receives him as a virtuous womanand asks people to help her thank God who answered her prayers and brought her ‘ horseband’ back to her.

She then spends the rest of her life taking care of him and nursing all his old age ailment.

It is unfortunate that being a virtuous woman in this part of the world means being able to stomach bullshits from irresponsible men and husbands.


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