How religious houses are tormenting Nigerians with noise

It is sad that religious houses and places of worship are tormenting Nigerians with noise pollution. The noise pollution and shutting down of roads with no alternative routes have left Nigerians in a state of stagnation and mental confusion for a long time now.

It is sad that many Nigerians think this attitude of disturbing people in their homes day and night with loud speakers is right. If you complain, people will tell you to stop talking like you are possessed by demons.

They insist that these people who are gradually causing Nigerians mental stress with noise pollution are just serving God. You are told to endure the discomfort because serving God is important.

People who share same neighborhoods with religious houses are left at the mercy of loud noises all the time. It is worse when you have more than one church on your street. It is equally bad if the churches are sharing fences or  houses apart and their speakers keep making endless noise at the expense of their neighbors living around.

Religious noise pollution in residential areas

If you can’t stand constant noise like me, check the distance of churches or mosques to the house you wish to rent or buy to avoid stories that touch. Many people have had bitter experiences with these noise makers in religious cloaks these days.

It is appalling that people no longer sleep peacefully in their houses at night, have quiet time in the evenings or enjoy peace and quiet in the mornings due to constant loud noise from speakers of different churches and mosques.

It is sad that people will wake up early, go to work or their business places and go through stress making a living during the day and at night, they cannot even boast of a good night’s rest because of noise emitting from speakers from religious houses.

Religious houses and their sound system need to be regulated or sanctioned for noise pollution. Most of them have done and are doing more damages than good to the physical and mental well being of those they share neighborhoods with.

We must stop looking the other way out of fear. We must all stand up to their insensitivity and name calling and refused to be blackmailed into silence. We need to report these religious houses to appropriate government agencies and follow it up until they are called to order.

Religious houses must allow common sense to prevail and just because their neighbors haven’t come to complain doesn’t mean that the noises emanating from their speakers are welcome. Nigerians need peace and quiet. We can’t be dealing with APC next level and still be dealing with noise when we get home. Let’s be considerate to ourselves.



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