7 tips women need on dating again after a breakup

Dating again after a breakup can be hard for women. This is because some women don’t see it coming.

These women love the men they have dated, they have done some good things for them, sacrificed certain things for them and some even make the mistake of giving up themselves and their dreams for these men.

So when a breakup unexpectedly happens, they are so disorganized that they don’t know how to get past the pain and emotions and get themselves together to start dating again.

If you have just gone through a recent breakup, may you receive strength to rise above your heart break and date again. All men are not the same. You need to remember this.

It’s okay to be careful so as not to repeat the same mistakes from your last relationship. You may build a wall around your heart because you don’t want to be taken for granted in your next relationship but you need to heal. You need to let go and start afresh.

Ladies, here are seven tips that will help you get back into the dating scene after a breakup. Here we go:

1. You need to have a positive mindset

You don’t have to stew in perssimism after a breakup. The feeling may be there but don’t feed it. Stop feeling like you are not good enough. Believe that you are a great woman and the best gift a deserving mam man can ever get in his life. Have a positive attitude and mindset towards dating again. You need to approach your new relationship with the right mindset. This will help you enjoy it.

Tips on dating after a breakup

2. Don’t hide your man from your friends

When I hear ladies talk about keeping your new man away from your friends so that they won’t snatch him, I laugh. If you can’t trust your friends with your man, then you don’t trust your man or your friends and so what are people you don’t trust doing in your life. I am not saying you should throw your man at your friends, I am saying you shouldn’t have a hidden relationship. You don’t have to hide who you are dating to avoid stories that touch.

3. Bear in mind that all men are not the same

I cannot stress this enough. Sometimes, when some ladies have suffered many heartbreaks, they tend to lump all men together into the same category. This is not right. All men are not the same. There are still good and loving men who love and cherish their women. Stop choosing the same type of men and blaming them for how they treat you. Be bold and go for a change.

4. Just take things slow when you meet a new guy

Don’t rush into relationship immediately after suffering a heartbreak. When you meet a new guy, you have to take things slow. Get to know him better and let him know vital things about you too. Don’t rush into a new relationship just to pepper your ex and to show him that you have moved on. You might hurt yourself in the long run.

5. You have to set realistic expectations

As a human being, it is realistic to expect certain things from your partner but you don’t have to make that man in your life, your alpha and omega. Don’t set unrealistic expectations when dating again after a breakup. Leave room for your new man’s weaknesses so you won’t be caught unawares when he misbehaves. Don’t be lost in a world of fantasy. Know what you expect from your new man and make sure it is realistic.

Tips on dating after a breakup

6. Make sure you don’t compare your new man with your ex

You should avoid comparing their present partner with their exes. I know the urge to do this will be there but you don’t have to give in to it.  You will be tempted to expect certain things from your new partner because of how your ex behaves. Doing this can prevent you from appreciating your new man’s uniqueness and equally prevent you from enjoying your new relationship. Treat your new partner like who he is, a new person in your life.

7. Have a life outside your new relationship

Ladies, when you start dating again after a breakup, do other things that bring you joy and excitement aside from making your life revolve around your new partner. Don’t smother him with unnecessary attention. Go to the movies alone. Have girls night out with your girlfriends. Spend time alone. Have a life outside that new guy. This will keep you sane in your relationship as you both will understand that you have individual lives apart from your relationship and that’s healthy. You also get to enjoy your individual lives.

So ladies, there you have it .You can completely live a great life after a breakup. Just apply these tips and you are good to go.


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